Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fiance Visa to Canada

Quite a number of applicants are asking me how they can apply for a Fiance Visa to Canada.

And I have no choice but to give them the same answer.

There is no existing provision in Canadian Immigration law, that will allow either a Canadian Citizen or a Canadian Immigrant to sponsor a Fiance to get an immigrants visa to go to Canada.

The closest program that will allow a Canadian Citizen or an Immigrant to sponsor a conjugal parter/common law partner is explained in the Citizenship and Immigration Canada, in the websites section titled, Sponsoring your Family.

There is a big difference though between the two programs.

The sponsorship program for Conjugal partners intends to reunite and continue the relationship of a couple, who already had a union before the immigration application was submitted.

A Fiance Visa is for couples who has intention to live together to begin a conjugal relationship.

If you are looking at Immigrating to Canada, the most popular programs are still the following:

1. Skilled workers and professionals program
2. Provincial Nominee Program
3. Arranged Employment Opinion and Labor Market Opinion

Please be wary of people who are offering you services on programs that may not exist like the a Fiance Visa to Canada. Stick with what is existing and legitimate.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Canadian Election Results

The votes were counted and the Canadian Election Results are finally out.

With the re-election of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and having secured a much stronger minority government, the Immigration priorities (enhancement to the current immigration law) that his party has been promoting will finally be implemented.

This means that application backlogs in the Canadian Embassy's worldwide will be dealt with and processing times will be made shorter (ultimate aim is between 6 to 12 months, you may read Immigration made Easy and Faster)

Previously, Minister Dianne Finley of Citizenship and Immigration has announced that the Immigration priorities will be implemented late this fall.

Right after his election win, Prime Minister Harper has announced his 6 point plan for Canada's Economy.

The details of which was published in you may read the full report by clicking on the link:

Harper Delivers 6 point plan for Economy

The Canadian Election results can be viewed as basis on what we will expect with Canada's Economic plan which includes their direction in their Immigration program.

Canadian Election Results ought to be used by interested individuals as a reason to start their applications.

As mentioned in previous discussions, the new law which governs immigration to Canada, will be faster and easier this is a very positive development compared to the previous program that took a long time to process.

Christmas Everyday

Would you like to celebrate Christmas everyday of the year?

The response we get from our clients in the Philippines is that they would love to celebrate Christmas everyday, that’s if they could afford it.

We ask our clients in the Philippines, what is the meaning of Christmas? SAD to say, the main response always refers to material things. Getting and receiving gifts.

But is that what Christmas is all about? Isn’t Christmas supposed to be about seeing your family happy?

We ask our applicants that are applying for an immigrant visa what they consider to be the best Christmas present they could ever give their family. What they have told us is, naturally, an immigrant visa to Canada for the whole family.

Listed below are what Filipinos Landed in Canada Consider Christmas.

Our applicants that have landed in Canada have told us they finally realize that seeing their family happy everyday is like Christmas everyday. The feeling is priceless.

Our applicants that have landed in Canada have told us knowing their family is financially safe and secure is like Christmas everyday. The feeling is priceless.

Our applicants that have landed in Canada have told us, knowing they do not have to worry about going broke due to medical bills that have no limit, is like Christmas everyday. The feeling is priceless.

Our applicants that have landed in Canada have told us, knowing they can actually afford to buy a house and hold onto it is like Christmas everyday. The feeling is priceless.

Our applicants that have landed in Canada have told us, knowing they can actually afford to buy a new car, is like Christmas everyday. The feeling is priceless.

Our applicants that have landed in Canada have told us, knowing all their children are getting free, quality, education through the 12th grade, is like Christmas everyday. The feeling is priceless.

Our applicants that have landed in Canada have told us, living without fear of growing old and useless, is like Christmas everyday. The feeling is priceless.

Our applicants that have landed in Canada have told us, living the life they had always dreamed about is like Christmas everyday. The feeling is priceless.

What is the best gift you can give your family for Christmas? Is it really materials things that last a short time or is it happiness that will last a lifetime?

Consider this Christmas of giving a master Christmas gift for the whole family. One gift that the whole family will share together for a lifetime, a gift more valuable than money can buy. Consider giving a Christmas gift that will keep on giving for generations to come. Remember, this gift is priceless.

If you can possible find a better gift to give your family for Christmas please let us know.

We in Canadian Immigration Consultancy promote Family Values. It is our desire to see every family Happy, Safe, Financially Secure and Contented. We are sure you will want the same for your family.

It is our hope this letter will give you some insight how landed Filipinos immigrants in Canada feel after living in Canada. Your family can feel that way too.

We are ready to help you. When do we get started.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Canadian resume guide-what employers look for

Before you make an application for any position to a Canadian employer, it is important that you write a resume that will sell you, as if you are the product.

A good resume, that will answer what the employers are looking for is an essential tool that will allow you to highlight your credentials that may enhance the possibility to make the employer interested enough to give you a chance for an interview.

This post, "Canadian Resume Guide-What employers are looking for", is an attempt to simplify the various on-line resume builder tips for those who wants to send an application to a Canadian Employer.

To make your Canadian Resume effective, you should treat it as a marketing tool that will aim to sell you.

Based on various studies conducted to determine the behavior of a typical Canadian employer, as well as my first hand observation on how they treat the applicants resume.

Canadian Employers spend no more than 20 seconds in reviewing each resume the receive. That is why, you should present a well written profile of your qualifications, work experience, education, achievements and overall career objectives. Moreover, it is equally important that the information you present is appealing to the eye, consistently formatted, and error-free.

That is why, if you are looking to capture a Canadian employers interest, the current resume that you are currently using, may need to be altered. The following are the kind of information they want to see in a resume:

1. Contact Information

- your name, current home address, telephone numbers including area codes, and your personal email address.

2. Professional/Career Objective

Simply put this is your resume's opening statement or introduction. This is the part of the resume where you let the employer know the position that you are applying for.

Note: Your career objective must be clear, concise, and customized to fit the job you are applying for.

3. Education

This part of your resume should present your academic background beginning with your most recent degree. The standard format lists your college or university followed by your degree, major and graduation date.

4. Experience

Your career/job experience is what most employers really want to see. Applicants who just recently graduated with no working experience should include any part-time employment as well as summer jobs, volunteer work and internships. Make sure that you list all company names, location and employer for whom you have worked in a logical and consistent manner.

To give the employer an idea of what you are doing, you should include a bulleted "job responsibilities list" that outlines your particular job functions and achievements for every job you specify. Do not forget to include the names and locations of organizations for which you have worked, your position/title, and dates.

5. Qualifications or Skills

It is advisable to include a section, which briefly states any additional skill(s) and/or qualification(s) that relates to your professional objective.

Examples include:

* Knowledge of Microsoft office, the Internet and all associated applications.

6. Honors and Activities

If applicable, your resume may also contain a section that summarizes any honors and/or activities that demonstrate strong academic abilities, i.e., honorary societies, scholarships, and/or extra-curricular activities.

Employers pay attention to how a candidate's personality and personal tastes/lifestyle fits in with the company's corporate culture and vision. Any material you include that casts you as a balanced, well-rounded individual may in fact endear you to a potential employer.

7. References

You may choose to include your references or simply state, "References are available upon request" or something to that effect at the bottom of your resume. However, if you do choose to include references be sure that the people you list can still be contacted at the telephone numbers you give. Moreover, if you feel that a potential employer may call your references be sure to advise the people you’ve listed that they may receive a call from a potential employer.

Resume Writing Tips:

- Spell-check your document! Make sure that punctuation, grammar, and spelling are error-free.

- Include a customized cover letter with your resume. A cover letter is your chance to express why you believe you're the best person for the job. You may also use this format to effectively communicate your "professional disposition". Remember to address your cover letter to the employer/manager and include the company name as well.

- Include "action words". Action words are terms that describe your job functions such as:

Achieved, acquired, addressed, analyzed, centralized, coordinated, created, demonstrated, designed, eliminated, enforced, implemented, improved, maintained, managed, organized, oversaw, performed, reorganized, reviewed, selected, supervised, surveyed, trained.

- Avoid using paragraphs or long sentences. The bullet style -- use of an action word followed by an account of the action you performed -- enables you to include a lot of information about your work-related duties, responsibilities and achievements in as condensed a form as possible.

- If posting your resume online, it is generally advisable to do the following:

  • Left justify the entire document
  • Use a standard font, size 10-14 only
  • Avoid boldface, underlined or italicized print
  • Avoid parentheses, graphics, shading, tabs and hard returns

Article reference []

According to Martin Buckland,'s, resume expert in his post titled, "Resume 101" the most widely used format used in North America is the Combination style.

The following is a brief portion of his write up.

The format used most in North America and most liked by decision makers is the combination style. It lists your positions in reverse chronological order coupled with a “pro-Jective” or “skills summary” positioned immediately under the name and address. This is a brief, powerful and impressive synopsis, or a snapshot of you. It separates the hard and soft skills to allow for easier reading, taking up the top 3 to 4 inches.

Accomplishments, accomplishments and more accomplishments is what you need to focus on in the professional experience section. Future employers are hiring performers, not couch potatoes or ride alongs.

To read more about this article you may visit his site by clicking on the link.

Resume 101

Check this Format and Sample Resume.

Resume Format

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Alberta - Canada Jobs at the POEA

As an Immigration Consultant and a member of International Job Recruitment Agency (Ijobs), a POEA registered manpower company who deploys workers for Canada, I usually get questions like, "What are your Job orders for Canada? or Do you have Employers from Canada? This happens quite a lot especially now that the TV networks has been blaring with New about Alberta Canada Jobs at the POEA.

But when I ask these people if they have the necessary documents needed to be processed as a worker, I would almost always find out that they do not even have a passport or a copy of their Work or Education documents.

In their haste to grab the opportunity, most of them would even look for Jobs for Alberta Canada at the POEA only to find out that the Philippine Overseas and Employment Agency does not have the Jobs for Canada. For reasons that POEA does not recruit they are not employers, they are just the agency assigned to regulate Overseas employment.

Now that these so called Canadian Jobs are being advertised on TV, my mailbox is swamped with inquiries from Individuals who wants to work in Canada.

Let me use this post to share with you how I answer these inquiries, the explanation is lengthy but if you really want to find work in Canada, I suggest that you read all of it.

What should you do to get a Job in Canada?

News shown both in the papers and in TV about Canadian Job Opportunities has been going on since late last year.

A lot of people wants to work in Canada, no doubt, but find themselves lost in the process. If you have just considered applying for this Jobs now, chances are you will not get the Jobs. Due to the complicated and complex nature of this applications, it normally takes a plan to take advantage of this opportunity.

Since you came to this article because you probably searched for keywords like "Alberta Canada Jobs at the POEA", I would assume that you are one of those individuals who wants to learn how to take advantage of this opportunities.

It is probably best to let you know then, that looking for a Jobs while residing outside Canada is not as easy as looking for employment opportunities in Asia or Saudi Arabia.

Asia and Saudi Arabia
An employer only needs permission from their Government to hire the individuals they need. Normally it is up to the employer to chose the employee he needs for his company.

An applicant wanting to work in these countries only needs to process the requirements asked of him to provide. If the applicant is indeed qualified because he or she has the credentials that the employer wants, he will most likely get hired.

The processing of a worker from outside Canada is another story. An employer will have to go through a lot, to get an employee that he needs.

First he has to convince the government of Canada that he has to get workers from outside of Canada because his initiatives to hire the workers he needs from within has failed. As proof he has to show transcripts of his advertisement efforts, and prove that the results did not get the manpower he needed. Then he has to process a certified Job offer, that will prove that his claims are correct.

After which, he or the worker must to apply the workers Work Permit and Visa that will enable the worker to leave his country of origin to work in Canada.

As you can see, the process is more elaborate and complex. It appears, that the employer can only suggest who are the workers that he needs for his company, but it is still up to the Canadian Government to decide if the worker is really qualified.

You may read, the complete work application process by clicking the link, Applying for an Arranged Employment Opinion Labor Market Opinion.

Due to the complexity of the process, the employer normally incurs a lot of expense because he hires experts in the recruitment (like Canadian Lawyers or Consultants who charges for their Consultancy Fees) field to help guide him in getting the workers outside of Canada. On top of which, the employer also has to shoulder some expenses like the plane fare of the employer and the his Visa processing fees as well as that of the employees.

I hope you are still following me, am trying my best to explain the process as simple as I can.

Because of the Employers cost, if given a chance, he would really want to hire workers who are already in Canada, but because Canada as a country is experiencing one the worst Labor Shortage Problem at present, he (the employer) does not really have much of a choice. If he does not hire from outside of Canada, he will lose more business.

As a worker who wants to work in Canada, it is important that you find ways to prove that you have the answer to the problems of the employer, to enhance the possibility of getting hired.

The first thing that you have to do, is to present yourself as a good candidate for the employers consideration.

As an applicant residing outside of Canada, you have to exert more effort to get considered for a particular Canadian occupation. Here are some tips, that you can follow on how you can increase the possibility of getting hired.

Make a good Canadian type resume. For this, you may need to revise your current CV to make it appealing to a Canadian Employer. From my experience, an employer will not even look at your resume, if he sees that he will have a hard time reading it. Read this Article I wrote, "Canadian Resume Guide-What the employers are looking for"

Make sure that you have the right documents needed to be processed for overseas employment.
If you do not have this documents complete it first, Canadian Employers will not give it a second thought, they will not consider you unless you do so. The employers will want to see if you have proof that you have the following:

Documents to prove that you have the Education
Work Experience
Good Moral
Language Proficiency

As an overseas worker, you will not have the convenience to come do personal interviews, you might even have a difficult time calling the employer because phone calls will be very costly. In this connection, you should make yourself ready for Webcam interviews. It means that you should also familiarize yourself with the technology, find out how this is done, there are a lot of Internet Cafe's where you can learn how to do this.

Practice your English. Starting the time that you read this article, you should try and speak the English language regularly. This might be the only language that you can use that will enable you to express yourself well.

Acquire more trainings and seminars in your related field.

Then and only then should you consider, sending an application to the Canadian Employer.

Here's a related topic that you may want to read, pertaining to finding Jobs in Canada. Alternative application process.

Lastly, if you really want the advantage of getting chosen for the Job, you should also consider applying for an Immigrants Visa before you send out applications for work in Canada.

Hiring an applicant with an Immigrants Visa application solves another problem that the employer has relevant to overseas workers.


One of the concerns that an employer has for overseas contract worker is that, after the employees contract, this person will go back to his country and there is the possibility will no longer comeback. When this happens, the employer will have wasted, their investment in both time and money, because it means that they have to redo the entire recruitment process again.

On the other hand, hiring an applicant with an Immigrants Visa application means, that this person is set to live and work in Canada.

I am sorry to say, that the application is not easy, although I must say that it is a matter of choice.

Of late I have been processing a lot of Work Visa applications. The process as I have presented is not easy, but good things happen to those people who persists. If you have the Education and the Work Experience, you too may have the qualifications to apply for your dream of working and living in Canada. You are being presented with a great opportunity, you can treat it like most the opportunities that already came to you, meaning do nothing about it. Or come to us and learn your options.

The news about the Alberta Canada or British Columbia Jobs processed at the POEA seen on TV, can be a sign or a wake up call that you have to do something about this opportunity.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Overseas Filipino Workers guidelines for deployment to British Columbia-Canada to be finalized today

More and more initiatives from the Canadian Government are being finalized to help Filipino workers go to Canada.

Just last week, the Department of Labor and Employment Overseas Filipino finalized an agreement with the province of Alberta Canada to aid Filipino workers who wants to work in that province.

Today, Sunday October 5, 2008, the Overseas Filipino Workers guidelines for deployment to British Columbia-Canada will be finalized today. Officials from the province of British Columbia are in the Philippines to work on this mater.

RP, British Columbia to finalize guidelines on OFW employment, deployment, Saturday, October 04, 2008

Assistant Deputy Minister Mike Carter of the Ministry of Technology, Trade, and Economic Development, Executive Director of Canada's Labor Market Development Mark Gillis, and other officials of the Canadian Province of British Columbia will arrive in Manila Sunday, Oct. 5, 2008, to help Canadian employers find needed skills and finalize the proposed guidelines on the employment and deployment of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) to British Columbia.

Minister Carter will subsequently meet with Labor and Employment Secretary Marianito D. Roque at the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) in Intramuros, Manila.

Roque said the Canadian team would collaborate with the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) in the conduct of a pilot recruitment project wherein three Canadian companies are set to interview applicants already pre-screened by Philippine licensed recruitment agencies based on the qualification criteria for the required positions provided by the employers.

The employers participating in this recruitment mission need hotel workers, food counter attendants, and long haul drivers. Other types of skilled workers will be needed for the succeeding recruitment by British Columbia companies and establishments.

The DOLE Chief said the outcome of the project would serve as inputs to the discussion of the proposed guidelines on the implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the DOLE and the Province of British Columbia concerning human resource development (HRD) and deployment of OFWs to British Columbia. Read from source [DOLE NEWS]

Early this year, the province of British Columbia proposed this initiative with the Philippine government in an attempt to cope with their dire Labor Shortage.

This two agreements are only two of the four that has already transpired between the Philippine and Canadian Government, among others an Memorandum of Understanding was already implemented with the provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Canadian employers values the skills and education of Filipino workers. If you are looking for an employment opportunity to live and work in Canada, you should notice that because of the many positive developments for Canadian Job and immigration regulations, now is the best time to either apply for a Job or Immigrate in Canada.

As an Immigration adviser in the Canadian Immigration Consultancy, I suggest to at least learn your options, what do you have to loose?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Jobs in Canada - DOLE agreement with Alberta

If you are on the look out for Jobs in Canada, there is a DOLE agreement with Alberta (one of Canada's province).

Approximately, 10,000.00 to 30,000.00 Skilled Filipino workers are needed to fill out various positions in the province of Alberta.

This Dole agreement with Alberta, pertaining to Jobs in Canada will:

# aid in expediting the approval of selected OFWs for employment opportunities in Alberta,

# help ensure that Alberta's occupational standards are met through training and credential recognition activities,

# create programs for the well being and protection of OFWs in coordination with employers,

# promote sound and equitable recruitment and employment practices, and
establish other areas for collaboration such as HRD programs.

As seen in the Philippine Star headlines-

Canada has 30,000 jobs in Canada for Pinoys
By Mayen Jaymalin
Thursday, October 2, 2008

About 30,000 jobs are awaiting skilled Filipino workers in Canada, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) reported yesterday.

Labor Secretary Marianito Roque said most of the workers needed in Alberta, Canada are professionals for the oil and gas industry as well as construction workers for various infrastructure projects.

Aside from the oil and gas workers, Alberta would also require workers for its food counters such as food attendants, food processors and butchers as well as nurses and care givers.

“Initially 10,000 Filipinos may immediately qualify for this recruitment program, but Alberta said they have a shortage of 30,000 workers for their oil and gas,” Roque disclosed. [Source:]

If you are interested to know about Jobs in Canada these information are also included in our Live and work in Canada Seminar, I encourage you to attend one of our seminars. Here's our October 2008 Seminar Schedule. (kindly click on the link)

This option may be applicable to you. Find out for your self if you will qualify!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Canadian Federal Election may affect Immigration to Canada

A Canadian Federal election will be held on October 14, 2008, either re-elect the governing Conservatives, or to elect a new party and Prime Minister.

It is expected that the outcome of this election will have a great effect on the current changes in the Canadian Immigration policy that was recently approved. The speculations are as follows:

Should the conservatives and the Prime Minister Stephen Harper are re-elected, their new immigration priorities will finally be implemented.

On the other hand if other political parties are elected, there is a possibility that the current proposed plan will be repealed to give way to another set of strategies in the hope of modernizing and trimming the backlog brought about by the current immigration system.

Why there was a need for an election was because Prime Minister, Stephen Harper’s Conservatives are currently a minority government in the House of Commons. Due to the opposition they have received since taking office in 2006, including the resistance that they have received to the their proposal to amend the Immigration Act this spring, doing so, he hopes that he will capture more seats in the upcoming election so that his government can make up a majority in the House of Commons, which would give him the support to be able to implement the changes that wishes to spearhead.

If the Conservatives are re-elected, the immigration changes that they have been promoting since March, will be finally put into practice, and all those Federal Skilled Worker applicants that have been frozen in the system since February 27th, will finally get a decision.

If Conservative plans are carried out, it seems that Federal Skilled Worker applicants will be selected based on whether their occupations are on Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s (CIC) recently established list of 38 qualifying occupations. Applicants whose occupations are on this list and who meet the minimum points requirements under the Federal Skilled Worker category will be qualified for Permanent Residency. Those whose occupations are not on the list, will need to apply for Canadian Permanent Residency through the Provincial Nomination Programs (PNP), if they can qualify.

According to CIC Minister Diane Finley, this list will not be made public until later in the fall.

While all of this are being considered, Stephane Dion, leader of the Liberal party, has announced his views and plans for Canadian immigration, if elected as Prime Minister. He has cited that in addition to repealing the Conservative amendments, the Liberal party would allocate $800 million to modernize and streamline the Canadian immigration system.

This is how the budget will be allocated.

- $400 million would go towards clearing out the existing backlog of applicants.

- $200 million would be allocated to develop new initiatives to help immigrants succeed in the workforce, they call this “Bridge to Work” - a program that will help applicants with their foreign credentials recognition, training and accreditation, and access to internships, mentorships, and work placement opportunities.

- and another $200 million would be invested in a language training program.

It is good to note though that in either case, whether the Liberals or the Conservatives will win the election, that the Canadian Federal Election’s effects to Immigration to Canada remains the same.

Both parties intends to speed up the process; the only thing that is left on the discussion table is how this will be carried out.

If immigration to Canada, is one of your plans, it is important that you realize that now is the best time to apply considering the positive developments.

Should this plans be carried out, the effect will be a speedier and easier migration to Canada, which will result to the quota to be filled up a lot faster.

It is in this context that we urge you to come up with a decision soon, we do not want you to loose this opportunity.

Canada needs to bring in 1.2M new immigrants in the next 3 years | 2021‒2023 Immigration Levels Plan

Because of the pandemic Canada was not able to meet its desired Immigration levels which is why it is raising its immigration target for the...