Age Limit for Canadian Immigration

It is a misconception that the age limit for Canadian Immigration is from 18 to 49, years old.

There are instances where a person who is more than 49 may still qualify!

To explain how, let me explain once again the Six Selection Factors of Canadian Immigration application for Skilled Workers and Professionals Category.

The passmark to allow you to apply for this program is still 67pts.

Where you will get your points from will be based on your credentials.

Six Selection Criteria's

1. Points - Education
15 - Vocational 2 years
20 - College
22 - Double Degree
25 - Materal/Doctorate

2. Ability in
16 - English

18 - French

3. Points - Work Experience
15 - (1 year)
17 - (2 years)
19 - (3 years)
21 - (4 years)

4. Points - Age
0 - 16 or under
2 - 17
4 - 18
6 - 19
8 - 20
10 - 21 to 49
8 - 50
6 - 51
4 - 52
2 - 53
0 - 54

5. Adaptability
Spouses Education
3 - Vocational 2 years
4 - College
5 - Masteral
5 - Doctorate

5 - one year work experience
in Canada

5 - one year study in Canada

5 - First degree Relative
in Canada

6. Arranged Employment

5 - Certified Job Offer

5 - Provincial Nomination
Program Certificate

In a nutshell, a person with a college Education, 4 years work experience in an occupation that is part of the National Classification Occupation qualified list will have 67 points.

So for those people who are already 50 but still has a spouse that also has a post secondary education or relatives in Canada or a Job offer, they will still have a chance to qualify. Forget about the preconceived notion about the age limit in Canadian Immigration.

Although if you are already with in the age bracket, I suggest that you should file right away. The condition of qualifying for the program is always dependent on the existing selection criteria.

If it changes, then there goes your only chance to still apply for Canada despite of the favorably age limit for Canadian Immigration.

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Anonymous said…
Hi Jay. I'm planning to apply under the Skilled Worker Class, and I have a son who would be turning 18 in July 2010. What should I do if he turns 18 while I'm waiting for approval? Many thanks, by the way, for your informative site.
Jay said…
Dear filprowriter,

You would not have to do anything, except to make sure that he also accomplishes the proper forms, as a dependent that will turn 18, he would also have to accomplish the PR application form.

Should you have more questions, please email me at


Jay Araneta
rajiv.dawadi said…
hi, I am 51, can I apply for the migration in Canada? Thanky
SHIBI said…
Can you please suggest me that,is there any age limit for to get canadian student visa,please mail to me ,
SHIBI said…
Dear >
can you please tell me that is there any age limit for to get a canadian student visa,please mail to me , you
Ajith de Silva said…
Hey i am 50 years old can i apply for migration to canada.i have 30 years of experience as a chef in hospitality industry.thanks! and regards,
doctor said…
I am 54 years old family physician and industrial physician. I want to migrate to canada. Is it possible? How?
doctor said…
I am a family and industrial physician .I am 54 years old. I want to settle in canada. Pl guide me.
Jagannathan said…
Hey i am 50 years old can i apply for migration to canada.i have 25 years of experience in construction field
thanks! and regards,
Jagannathan said…
Hey i am 50 years old can i apply for migration to canada.i have 30 years of experience as civil engineer in construction field.
Thanks & Regard
Unknown said…
Hi Mr. Jay.

My father is applying under the Skilled Worker Class in Canada, and if he will be employed, is there a chance that he can get us even if we, his daughters, are 23 years old now? Thanks in advance.
jing said…
what if i already have an immigrant visa which will expire in september,my mother said that i will leave the country june, but i will be 22 this coming june, can i still enter canada after i am 22? this is for the family class sponsorship.

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