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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Registration for Seminar New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program

Registration for Seminar New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program

Another option for Canada Visa! New Brunswick Express Entry Labour Market Stream Philippine Summit Representatives from the Government of New Brunswick Canada will visit the Philippines to promote and screen interested applicants for NB Express Entry Labor Market Stream.

The Government of New Brunswick will conduct information sessions detailing life in New Brunswick; the Provincial labour market; the program requirements of the Express Entry Labour Market Stream; and, the immigration process to become a permanent resident of Canada. 

Provincial immigration staff will also conduct a screening exercise to help potential candidates determine if they meet the requirements to be successful through the Express Entry Labour Market Stream. 

Those who attend the Summit Seminar will have the option to apply under the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program if they meet the selection criteria passmark. 

Target of this program are the applicants between 22-55 years old and with at least one experience in any occupation in Managerial, Trade Skilled and Professional Occupation. 

With the exception of occupations that requires license to practice in the Province of New Brunswick. 

They will also not accept applicants with closer relatives in other places of Canada except New Brunswick. 


When: Jan 23, 2016 | 2pm to 4pm; 6pm to 8pm Jan 24, 2016 | 10am to 12pm; 2pm to 4pm Jan 25, 2016 AIM Manila – Makati (exact address will be sent to you after registration) 

To find out if you will qualify to attend the seminar you can register at: 

Limited seats! 

Register right now!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Opportunities Ontario: Human Capital Priorities Stream

This post aims to summarize the newest addition of the Ontario, Canada Nominee program titled as the "Opportunities Ontario: Human Capital Priorities Stream".  

There are two Main programs for the Opportunities Ontario Provincial Nominee Program. 

Provincial Nominee program - Employer stream where employers can help applicants for Permanent Residents Visa whether they are a student, a graduate of Masters Degree or a PHD from Ontario, an Overseas worker who got a Job Offer from an Employer in Ontario Canada. 

Express Entry Stream - In connection with the Express Entry, Canada's newest system that manages Permanent resident visa programs - Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trade, Canadian Experience Class and Provincial Nominee program - Opportunities Ontario PNP participated by launching their Express Entry Stream. Those who meet the programs criteria and have at least 400 points can be nominated by Ontario and get this advantage to be chosen to get an Invitation to apply - ITA.  Once an applicant has the ITA, their Visa's can be processed within 6 months or less. 

To benefit from this new program, applicants must complete their application requirements as soon as possible so that they can correctly make their Express Entry profile. 

To know more, or to learn your options to Canada, you can send your resumes to 

More and more programs are coming out to allow you the chance to Immigrate to Canada, but you must be ready to file your application at a moments notice to make sure you do not miss out on your opportunities.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

NCLEX Passers Alberta Canada

The College of Registered Nurses of Alberta - CARNA recognizes NCLEX passers from 1982 till present.

Applicants with NCLEX may no longer have to take the Board Exam in Alberta, but to find out they need to have their credentials assessed first.

And I quote from the CRNA Website: "CARNA recognizes past NCLEX-RN results Posted September 29, 2014 On September 26, 2014 CARNA Provincial Council passed the motion to retroactively recognize all passing NCLEX-RN results back to 1982. Effective immediately, if you passed the NCLEX between 1982 and present day, you will be considered to have met CARNA’s exam requirement for registration. You will not be required to take the NCLEX again. 

Update In response to the feedback we have received, we encourage interested international applicants to refer to all the registration requirements for IENs. 

Passing the registration exam is only one requirement and this alone does not enable you to practice in Alberta. If you have not applied to CARNA already and want to practice in Alberta, you need to first apply through NNAS. If you have an open file with CARNA, or have previously applied, please send an email with your specific information or questions to We appreciate your patience in receiving a response during this high volume time." 

How does this affect you the applicant? 

If you have a valid NCLEX you can have your credentials assessed in the National Nursing Assessment Service NNAS. 

And if you are fortunate to pass the assessment, you will no longer have to take the CARNA exam to practice in Alberta. Having this credential means you will be able to apply for a Nursing Job in Alberta Canada, and if you get an employer, you will have very high points to be considered to receive an Invitation to Apply - ITA for a Permanent Residents Visa in Canada. 

To know more you can visit the following link: Carna recognizes NCLEX

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Canada Immigration Program for 2015

Next year 2015 Canada plans to accept between 260,000 and 285,000 new permanent residents in its Immigration programs.

economic immigrants (181,300)
family class (68,000)
humanitarian and compassionate cases (29,800)

What does this mean for you?

If you are an applicant for Humanitarian and compassionate programs the year 2015 might be the year you will finally become a permanent resident in Canada.

If you are a Canadian Permanent Resident or a Canadian citizen who wants to bring your children, spouse, Parents or Grandparents to Canada you need to make sure that you qualify to become a sponsor before sending in your application.  But also need to have your family member prepare their application requirement ahead of time.  Since, the application to sponsor your family and their Permanent Residents Visa is processed at the same time.

If you are one of those applicants who is waiting for a program to apply to, so that you can become a permanent resident, the new application management system of Canada which will be launched on January 2015, the "Express Entry", may very well be the best program for you.

Interested applicants will be assessed in the programs selection criteria.  If you qualify you will be allowed to post an online profile in Canadian Governments Job Bank, a website that is monitored and controlled by the Canadian Government.

You will then be assessed and ranked against other applicants, if you are ranked as one of the applicants who attained the highest scores, you will be given and invitation to apply to become a permanent Resident.

For those who does not have enough points, the Canadian Government will still consider giving you an invitation to apply if:

An employer in Canada gives you a Job Offer (must be certified and verifiable)

If you get a Nomination from one of Canada's provinces who is a participant in the Express Entry

As Canada aims to select the best and the brightest across the globe, the key to your application will be your capability to provide proper, correct, consistent and complete documentation that clearly illustrates that you are qualified for the program.

To be able to do this requires more than just looking at the programs checklist and providing the documents listed.

Moreover, you need to be more proactive. The Canadian Government will only give you 2 months to submit your requirements once you are given the invitation to apply for the program. If you do not prepare your requirements in Advance, you might ran out of time.

If you have made an application in the past you would know that most of the documents might take more than three months to secure.

Moreover, the Canadian government is known to set a timeline and a Cap in their programs to control the influx of applications they will receive.

If you wait too long to get started, it is highly likely that you will not be able to apply when the quota or Cap gets filled out or the program closes.

Canada has placed some control measures to ensure that the processing of the applications for the program will be processed quickly and efficiently.  Those who acts now and makes sure that they take can take advantage of this programs will be rewarded with a much quicker processing speed. The Canadian government aims to process applications for this program in 6 months or less.

What are you waiting for? This is what you have been praying for for sometime now.

Act now or miss out on your opportunity of a lifetime.

Send your resume for assessment thru email- or click the assessment button at the upper right corner of this page.

To find out more about the program you may click on this link:   Express Entry

To read from the source click on the Canadian Government website -

Monday, September 29, 2014

Express Entry Canada - how to apply

On January 2015, Canada will launch a Permanent Residents Visa program that would allow applicants to get a Job and become a Permanent Resident Visa at the same time. Citizenship and Immigration Canada aims to process an application for this program within 6 months. To find out how click read more...

Here is an easy illustration of how the program will be processed.

Two step process

Step 1: Fill out your Express Entry profile by Registering with Job Bank of Canada Website and be accepted into the Express Entry Pool

The applicants of this program will be ranked against each other.  Those ranked the highest will be able to move on to the next stage.  Applicants must know how their applications fair against the criteria set for this program.

They must also know how they can illustrate that they are not only qualified but have high points to increase their chances of being selected for the program.

Step 2: Receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) Apply for permanent residence online

Applicants must make sure their application is complete (must have completed the documents required for the program) before they apply because they will only have two months to comply with their requirements once they are given an Invitation to apply - ITA.

How to make the Express Entry work for you.

Applicants must have a good understanding of the program to increase their chances of being selected. Remember that they will have a lot of competition since a lot of people all over the world will apply for the Express Entry program.

Applicants must plan ahead before they apply for this program and not waste time by starting to complete documents that will prove their credentials right away,  which includes but not limited to experience, age, education, english proficiency, education credentials assessment, ect.

The key to this application is being able to make ones application attractive to an employer or the provinces or territories of Canada.  So that they will get a Job offer or be Nominated which will lead to getting an Invitation to apply.

To increase the chances of either instances from happening, an applicant must know what an employer expects or looks for from a foreign worker, must be able to have their documents and verified as well as find out how they can be nominated by a province or territory.

Those who can promote their profiles to an employer effectively will have better chances than other applicants.

Canadian Visa programs are known to change all the time, only applicants who makes themselves ready to file for an opportunity all the time will be able to take advantage of this fast and easy programs.

Only those who are serious with their plans for a better life will be able  to get a Visa.

Learn your options! Act now!

Other than the Express Entry there are other programs you may qualify to.  Send your resume to or click on the online assessment button at the upper right corner of this blog.  

Photo credits to the Canadian Citizenship and Immigration website []