Student Visa Pathway

Student Visa Pathway


One of the primary advantages of studying in Canada is that students can apply for permanent residency immediately after graduation.
Studying in Canada does not guarantee you will be granted permanent residency, but if you do it correctly with little or no error, you will have a good chance.
There are mistakes that people make when applying for a student visa and moreso when applying for permanent residency, and mistakes in your application are bound to happen. Fortunately, these mistakes can be quickly remedied. All it takes is the right information and documentation. CanadaVisa101 can help you eliminate these errors.

Consider the following when applying:
  1. Choose a program and a school that are in line with your objectives. Your program, school, and city selection all have an impact on your immigration plan, both directly and indirectly. You should ideally enroll in a two-year program.
  2. Send your admission application as soon as possible. International students have a limited number of available spots.
  3. Fill out and submit your student visa application online. Make sure you submit all required documents, application forms, and a clear personal study plan or statement of purpose.
  4. Fly to Canada to begin your studies.
  5. Apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit to work full-time after finishing your program. You may be granted a three-year open work permit.
IMPORTANT: If you chose the incorrect program and school, you may be ineligible for a Post Graduation Work Permit. Your spouse may not be eligible for an Open Work Permit as well.
  1. Submit an application for permanent residence through the Express Entry System after gaining one year of eligible work experience. Other immigration programs may be available to you depending on your circumstances. 

International Student Benefits

You have the following benefits  as an International Student in Canada:
  • You may work part time of up to 20 hours per week while studying and full-time your scheduled school breaks
  • Your may bring your dependents (Spouse and kids below 18 years old) with you to Canada while you are studying
  • Your school aged kids may study for FREE until grade 12. After 18 months of stay in Canada, your kids may be entitled to receive monthly allowance from the government through Child Tax Benefits
  • Your Spouse may work full time and depending on your spouse's profile, he or she may already apply for permanent residence while you are still studying
  • After completing your program, you may apply for a Post Graduation Work Permit and may be given up to 3 years

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