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As an Immigration Consultant and a member of International Job Recruitment Agency (Ijobs), a POEA registered manpower company who deploys workers for Canada, I usually get questions like, "What are your Job orders for Canada? or Do you have Employers from Canada? This happens quite a lot especially now that the TV networks has been blaring with New about Alberta Canada Jobs at the POEA.

But when I ask these people if they have the necessary documents needed to be processed as a worker, I would almost always find out that they do not even have a passport or a copy of their Work or Education documents.

In their haste to grab the opportunity, most of them would even look for Jobs for Alberta Canada at the POEA only to find out that the Philippine Overseas and Employment Agency does not have the Jobs for Canada. For reasons that POEA does not recruit they are not employers, they are just the agency assigned to regulate Overseas employment.

Now that these so called Canadian Jobs are being advertised on TV, my mailbox is swamped with inquiries from Individuals who wants to work in Canada.

Let me use this post to share with you how I answer these inquiries, the explanation is lengthy but if you really want to find work in Canada, I suggest that you read all of it.

What should you do to get a Job in Canada?

News shown both in the papers and in TV about Canadian Job Opportunities has been going on since late last year.

A lot of people wants to work in Canada, no doubt, but find themselves lost in the process. If you have just considered applying for this Jobs now, chances are you will not get the Jobs. Due to the complicated and complex nature of this applications, it normally takes a plan to take advantage of this opportunity.

Since you came to this article because you probably searched for keywords like "Alberta Canada Jobs at the POEA", I would assume that you are one of those individuals who wants to learn how to take advantage of this opportunities.

It is probably best to let you know then, that looking for a Jobs while residing outside Canada is not as easy as looking for employment opportunities in Asia or Saudi Arabia.

Asia and Saudi Arabia
An employer only needs permission from their Government to hire the individuals they need. Normally it is up to the employer to chose the employee he needs for his company.

An applicant wanting to work in these countries only needs to process the requirements asked of him to provide. If the applicant is indeed qualified because he or she has the credentials that the employer wants, he will most likely get hired.

The processing of a worker from outside Canada is another story. An employer will have to go through a lot, to get an employee that he needs.

First he has to convince the government of Canada that he has to get workers from outside of Canada because his initiatives to hire the workers he needs from within has failed. As proof he has to show transcripts of his advertisement efforts, and prove that the results did not get the manpower he needed. Then he has to process a certified Job offer, that will prove that his claims are correct.

After which, he or the worker must to apply the workers Work Permit and Visa that will enable the worker to leave his country of origin to work in Canada.

As you can see, the process is more elaborate and complex. It appears, that the employer can only suggest who are the workers that he needs for his company, but it is still up to the Canadian Government to decide if the worker is really qualified.

You may read, the complete work application process by clicking the link, Applying for an Arranged Employment Opinion Labor Market Opinion.

Due to the complexity of the process, the employer normally incurs a lot of expense because he hires experts in the recruitment (like Canadian Lawyers or Consultants who charges for their Consultancy Fees) field to help guide him in getting the workers outside of Canada. On top of which, the employer also has to shoulder some expenses like the plane fare of the employer and the his Visa processing fees as well as that of the employees.

I hope you are still following me, am trying my best to explain the process as simple as I can.

Because of the Employers cost, if given a chance, he would really want to hire workers who are already in Canada, but because Canada as a country is experiencing one the worst Labor Shortage Problem at present, he (the employer) does not really have much of a choice. If he does not hire from outside of Canada, he will lose more business.

As a worker who wants to work in Canada, it is important that you find ways to prove that you have the answer to the problems of the employer, to enhance the possibility of getting hired.

The first thing that you have to do, is to present yourself as a good candidate for the employers consideration.

As an applicant residing outside of Canada, you have to exert more effort to get considered for a particular Canadian occupation. Here are some tips, that you can follow on how you can increase the possibility of getting hired.

Make a good Canadian type resume. For this, you may need to revise your current CV to make it appealing to a Canadian Employer. From my experience, an employer will not even look at your resume, if he sees that he will have a hard time reading it. Read this Article I wrote, "Canadian Resume Guide-What the employers are looking for"

Make sure that you have the right documents needed to be processed for overseas employment.
If you do not have this documents complete it first, Canadian Employers will not give it a second thought, they will not consider you unless you do so. The employers will want to see if you have proof that you have the following:

Documents to prove that you have the Education
Work Experience
Good Moral
Language Proficiency

As an overseas worker, you will not have the convenience to come do personal interviews, you might even have a difficult time calling the employer because phone calls will be very costly. In this connection, you should make yourself ready for Webcam interviews. It means that you should also familiarize yourself with the technology, find out how this is done, there are a lot of Internet Cafe's where you can learn how to do this.

Practice your English. Starting the time that you read this article, you should try and speak the English language regularly. This might be the only language that you can use that will enable you to express yourself well.

Acquire more trainings and seminars in your related field.

Then and only then should you consider, sending an application to the Canadian Employer.

Here's a related topic that you may want to read, pertaining to finding Jobs in Canada. Alternative application process.

Lastly, if you really want the advantage of getting chosen for the Job, you should also consider applying for an Immigrants Visa before you send out applications for work in Canada.

Hiring an applicant with an Immigrants Visa application solves another problem that the employer has relevant to overseas workers.


One of the concerns that an employer has for overseas contract worker is that, after the employees contract, this person will go back to his country and there is the possibility will no longer comeback. When this happens, the employer will have wasted, their investment in both time and money, because it means that they have to redo the entire recruitment process again.

On the other hand, hiring an applicant with an Immigrants Visa application means, that this person is set to live and work in Canada.

I am sorry to say, that the application is not easy, although I must say that it is a matter of choice.

Of late I have been processing a lot of Work Visa applications. The process as I have presented is not easy, but good things happen to those people who persists. If you have the Education and the Work Experience, you too may have the qualifications to apply for your dream of working and living in Canada. You are being presented with a great opportunity, you can treat it like most the opportunities that already came to you, meaning do nothing about it. Or come to us and learn your options.

The news about the Alberta Canada or British Columbia Jobs processed at the POEA seen on TV, can be a sign or a wake up call that you have to do something about this opportunity.


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