Fiance Visa to Canada

Quite a number of applicants are asking me how they can apply for a Fiance Visa to Canada.

And I have no choice but to give them the same answer.

There is no existing provision in Canadian Immigration law, that will allow either a Canadian Citizen or a Canadian Immigrant to sponsor a Fiance to get an immigrants visa to go to Canada.

The closest program that will allow a Canadian Citizen or an Immigrant to sponsor a conjugal parter/common law partner is explained in the Citizenship and Immigration Canada, in the websites section titled, Sponsoring your Family.

There is a big difference though between the two programs.

The sponsorship program for Conjugal partners intends to reunite and continue the relationship of a couple, who already had a union before the immigration application was submitted.

A Fiance Visa is for couples who has intention to live together to begin a conjugal relationship.

If you are looking at Immigrating to Canada, the most popular programs are still the following:

1. Skilled workers and professionals program
2. Provincial Nominee Program
3. Arranged Employment Opinion and Labor Market Opinion

Please be wary of people who are offering you services on programs that may not exist like the a Fiance Visa to Canada. Stick with what is existing and legitimate.


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