Canadian Election Results

The votes were counted and the Canadian Election Results are finally out.

With the re-election of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and having secured a much stronger minority government, the Immigration priorities (enhancement to the current immigration law) that his party has been promoting will finally be implemented.

This means that application backlogs in the Canadian Embassy's worldwide will be dealt with and processing times will be made shorter (ultimate aim is between 6 to 12 months, you may read Immigration made Easy and Faster)

Previously, Minister Dianne Finley of Citizenship and Immigration has announced that the Immigration priorities will be implemented late this fall.

Right after his election win, Prime Minister Harper has announced his 6 point plan for Canada's Economy.

The details of which was published in you may read the full report by clicking on the link:

Harper Delivers 6 point plan for Economy

The Canadian Election results can be viewed as basis on what we will expect with Canada's Economic plan which includes their direction in their Immigration program.

Canadian Election Results ought to be used by interested individuals as a reason to start their applications.

As mentioned in previous discussions, the new law which governs immigration to Canada, will be faster and easier this is a very positive development compared to the previous program that took a long time to process.


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