Saturday, November 27, 2010

Katrina Abello Gonzales Says Hi from the Maple Leaf Place

One of my favorite client, Ms. Katrina Abello Gonzales sent us a note right after they landed in Canada.

And it reads...

WIth all my heart, you can post it on your blog..

This is my sixth day here in Toronto, Canada. I already met few Pinoys and they were surprised how fast I got my PR status. Some had been here around two or three years ago thru work permits. Yet, they are still in the process of getting the PR. Then, I finally realized.. those people in CIC are dead serious. I have always been skeptic about things.. well, it is in the veins of every auditor. Who's gonna believe that you can have your PR at a very short time? I mean.. from the time I submitted my documents to Canadian Embassy in Manila, it just took around four months to be notified. Had the docs sent on September 2009 then I got the visa notification on February 2010. The only thing is I got married but in God's mercy, I am here now with my husband. It is indeed a new life for us. And I think, a very good start..

To Sir Jay and Ms. Tina, thanks for the patience --- to answer my endless demands! And thank goodness for the friendship.. should you have the time to visit Canada.. Our doors will always be open for you. It is such a pleasure to have you as a our consultants and kakulitan as well. Sorry for the hassle. Just include my name in your list of most demanding clients! Send my regards to Tummy Lee Jones.. wahehe!

Check out some pics. Till next time. Super sa English na ko noh? Canadian resident eh! haha.. duguan na ko dito.. waaaahh..

Miss you both..

From the maple leaf place,

Katrina Abello-Gonzales

Katrina, applied when the eligible occupations still included Accountants, she was fortunate that she applied while she was still eligible.

I actually had to push her to apply because she had some apprehensions at first.

But when she finally started, she was very focused and determined, and as the fruit of her labors she and her husband are already in Canada.

Although, Accountants are no longer in the list of eligible occupations, those who aspire to go to Canada must make sure that they will be able to file their applications right away.

As the regulations for Permanent Residents application in Canada changes, it now requires that documents must be complete on the first stage of the application process.

Aspiring clients who wants to go to Canada, must get ready in advance to take advantage of this opportunity.

Find out how, call or email me for the Privilege plan,, 301 1060 loc. 8407

or have your credentials assessed by clicking on the Online Assessment button.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Together again

Together again

Like Beverly Fernandez, another client of mine Maria Bernice Hayag, is one of those people who got left behind when their parents applied for Permanent Residents Visa for Canada because they were no longer considered as dependents at the time.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada, defines dependents as:

Children who are under 22 years of age and does not have a spouse or common law partnerand,

Full time students who are substantially dependent on a parent for financial support, since before the age of 22, or since becomming a spouse or common law partner (if it happend before age 22)children who were financially dependent on the parents since before age 22

Although Bernice was not yet married at the time of her parents application, she was already more than 22 years old, making her not eligible for processing as a dependent.

Last November 2008, the Federal Skilled Workers program was revised, applicants with at least 1 year work experience in the 38 high demand occupations were eligible to apply and get their application results within 6 months to a year.

With some stroke of luck, Bernice had previous work experience as a Research and Development Chemist which fell undercode 9212 Supervisors in Petroleum, Gas and Chemical Processing and Utilities.

One of the eligible occupations for processing listed in the 38 High Demand Occupations.

When Bernice and her husband Hanzen went to the office to inquire last May 10, 2009, it was on the same day that thy signed an agreement for us to process their application.

Joggling her time between work, family and their cute little girl Brenz, we completed their application package and submitted it to the Centralized Intake Office.

At this time, applicants did not need to submit their English proficiency results (IELTS), unlike the current regulation where applicants have to submit it with photocopies of documents needed for the second stage.

Almost all of my successful applicants then did not know for certain what results they will get from their exam, but this did not stop them in pursuing their dreams.

With our help, they know their targets and requirements.

They did not hesitate, most of them applied and when they do not pass the English Exam - IELTS, the first time they take it again and again until they get the scores that they need to get the Visa.

Bernice though is gifted in English, she took the IELTS once and aced it.


Listening - 9
Reading - 7
Writing - 7
Speaking - 7

Total band score of 7.5

Making sure that Bernice will get credit in her work experience, an editor was assigned to help her with the Detailed Job Description.

Last July 10, 2009, after a lot of hard work, we filed the full application package of Bernice at the Centralized Intake Office at Nova Scotia.

Received a positive assessment on September 10, 2009

Being given the 120 days deadline to submit the full application package, we sent complete file to the Canadian Embassy last November 17, 2009

A little over two months after January 21, 2010 we received her Medical Notice

During this time, they encountered a problem with the medical results of her Child, but was able to get through it quickly

So last April 12, 2010 we received their Visa Notice

And finally last May 13, 2010, we gave them their Permanent Residents Visa for Canada.

At present Bernice and Hanzen is already with their lovely daughter.

This can be your story too...

It is always nice to write about the successful application of our clients.

More so when it is about the reunification of a family member.

Whenever I conduct a seminar for Canada, I always tell my applicants that both their Education and Work experience are their assets.

And it is in Canada where they can fully maximize the benefits of their assets.

At present there is a new list of Eligible application, called the 29 In Demand Occupations(click on this link and find out if your occupation is on the list), being eligible to apply is one thing, applying for your opportunity is another.

Having four years work experience in the list of eligible occupations means you have a great chance to immigrate.

If you are serious about your application, you should apply right now, if you don't the demand for your occupation will be filled out and you will no longer be able to apply.

If you have problems and or apprehensions about your application, please contact us, our more than 2 decades of experience in dealing with Permanent Residents Visa applications, maybe of benefit for you.
Apply now! Before its too late.

re post - 29 in Demand Occupations - Immigrate within 6 months to a year

New 29 In-Demand Occupations, New Application Procedure

IMMIGRATE TO CANADA WITHIN 6 months to a year!!!!

Like what I have always been saying in my posts, Immigration Regulations are subject to change and that the longer you delay your decision to apply, the more you are risking your eligibility.

And it has changed sooner that we have expected it to change.

There has been a change in the Ministerial Instruction affecting Federal Skilled Worker program applications.

Effective June 26, 2010, Citizenship and Immigration Canada will only process applications under Federal Skilled Worker program only, if you have:

# a valid offer of arranged employment, OR

# one year of continuous full-time or equivalent part-time paid work experience in at least one of the 29 in-demand occupations list(Click on this link to read list of eligible occupations)

Temporary foreign workers and international students will no longer be part of the Federal Skilled Worker program, may now apply under Canadian Experience Class.

The new Ministerial Instruction also covers changes in the application procedures. For example, the Simplified application Process is now totally wiped out, in sending your application to Centralized Intake Office (CIO), you now need to submit results of an independent language test (IELTS or TEF: Test d’évaluation de français) even if your first language is English or French.

Moreover, you also need to submit copies of the documents required, specifically by the Canadian Visa Office responsible in processing your application.

What's in it for you?

1. For Clients who has filed to CIO before June 26, 2010, Waiting for Assessment Notice

If your application was received by Centralized Intake Office (CIO) before June 26, 2010, even if and your occupation is no longer included in the new 29 in-demand occupations list, the changes will not affect your application.

As per the Ministerial Instruction, applications received before June 26, 2010, will be processed according to the rules that were in effect at that time you filed your application.

However, some individuals are saying that the publication of the Citizenship and Immigration Canada, wasn't clear in stating the basis of the deadline, whether its the receipt by Centralized Intake Office or Canadian Visa Office handling the applicants files.

To clarify, here's what was stated in the Canada Gazette.

All Federal Skilled Worker applications received by the Centralized Intake Office - CIO in Sydney, Nova Scotia, on a date prior to the Canada Gazette publication date shall continue to be considered for processing having regard to the first set of Ministerial Instructions. [Source]

It was published June 26, 2010. It clearly states that if your application was received by CIO before June 26, 2010, and even if your occupation is no longer included in the new in-demand occupations, your application would still be processed.

2. Interested to immigrate to Canada, but your Occupation is not included in the new 29 in-demand list

If you are interested to live and work in Canada but your occupation is not included in the new list of priority occupations, you still have the chance to immigrate to Canada if:

# You have an arranged employment in Canada, or

# You have somebody to sponsor you under Provincial Nominee Program

Although, these two options are not that easy to come by, it is not impossible to get a PR Visa through these programs, in fact I have had clients who was able to take advantage of these programs and are currently in Canada.

What is clear is that you should really start preparing yourself for the IELTS Examination, as well as start preparing your documents.

For reasons that all programs for Permanent Residents Visa for Canada, require both requirements.

The objective is to be able to file your application immediately either when the list changes or another PR VISA application is favorable to you.

You must learn from the mistakes of some of my clients.

If you will prepare your documents only when your occupation is included, then it may be too late for you.

Remember that Citizenship and Immigration Canada will be imposing a cap on the number of applications it will process per occupation for each year.

Be ready!

For obvious reasons, only those applicants who are ready can really take advantage of different opportunities presented by the Canadian Government.

3. Filed before February 27, 2008, Occupation included in the new priority list

If you have a pending PR Visa application, whether it's under FSW or PNP, and that your occupation is included in the new priority list, you may want to submit a new application to CIO in order to expedite the process.

Simultaneous applications, are allowed!

The Visa Office in Manila is not yet finished in evaluating your applications (for Clients filed in 2004 until February 26, 2008).

It may take a while before applications filed in 2007 and 2006 will be processed.

If you decide to submit a new application under the revised Federal Skilled Worker program, you will get a result within 6-12 months. The only disadvantage of doing this is that you may not be able to refund the processing fee you paid to the Visa Office before. You will need to pay another visa processing fee.

4. Included in the list, Not yet filed to CIO

If your occupation is included in the new list of in-demand occupations and that you are seriously considering the opportunity to live and work in Canada, YOU MUST FILE YOUR APPLICATION RIGHT NOW!

Important Note:

For the next twelve months, Citizenship and Immigration Canada will only consider a maximum of 20,000 complete applications under the occupation list. Within the 20,000 cap, a maximum of 1,000 federal skilled worker applications per occupation will be considered for processing each year.

For sure, only those who are ready to process their applications can take advantage of the new Fast and Easy Processing System, that is why whether you are in the new 29 In demand list or not, and wants to Immigrate to Canada, you really should consider starting with the compilation of the Documentary and other related requirements for your eventual application.

Like some of my clients, if you delay your decision to get started, you too will miss out on this great opportunity for yourself and your Family.

IMPORTANT! The same list of Eligible occupations will be used for the next change in the regulation on July 1, 2011, apply now!!!!

If you are in the Philippines, you may attend our orientation seminar this Saturday at 10am.

Seminar Fee: P300.00 per attendee

We are located at Canadian Immigration Consultancy, ground floor Uniwide Coastal Mall, Tambo Paranaque City. (Intersection of Mia Road and Coastal Road)

We encourage you to tell your friends and relatives who have work experience in the 29 in Demand Occupations to inquire with us. The current program is only for 6 months to a year to get a Permanent Residents Visa for Canada!

But they should hurry because there is a quota.

They can go to my blog to have their online assessment.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!


Jay E. A. Araneta

Senior Consultant
Canadian Immigration Consultancy
Ground Floor Uniwide Coastal Mall,
Tambo Paranaque City

Direct line: 3011060 loc. 8407
Mobile: 0917 541 5000


You can call me by clicking this its for Free WEB CALL
When you get the operator please ask
to be transfered to Jay Araneta local 8407

Service is available Mondays till Fridays Monday till Friday 9am to 6pm

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