Katrina Abello Gonzales Says Hi from the Maple Leaf Place

One of my favorite client, Ms. Katrina Abello Gonzales sent us a note right after they landed in Canada.

And it reads...

WIth all my heart, you can post it on your blog..

This is my sixth day here in Toronto, Canada. I already met few Pinoys and they were surprised how fast I got my PR status. Some had been here around two or three years ago thru work permits. Yet, they are still in the process of getting the PR. Then, I finally realized.. those people in CIC are dead serious. I have always been skeptic about things.. well, it is in the veins of every auditor. Who's gonna believe that you can have your PR at a very short time? I mean.. from the time I submitted my documents to Canadian Embassy in Manila, it just took around four months to be notified. Had the docs sent on September 2009 then I got the visa notification on February 2010. The only thing is I got married but in God's mercy, I am here now with my husband. It is indeed a new life for us. And I think, a very good start..

To Sir Jay and Ms. Tina, thanks for the patience --- to answer my endless demands! And thank goodness for the friendship.. should you have the time to visit Canada.. Our doors will always be open for you. It is such a pleasure to have you as a our consultants and kakulitan as well. Sorry for the hassle. Just include my name in your list of most demanding clients! Send my regards to Tummy Lee Jones.. wahehe!

Check out some pics. Till next time. Super sa English na ko noh? Canadian resident eh! haha.. duguan na ko dito.. waaaahh..

Miss you both..

From the maple leaf place,

Katrina Abello-Gonzales

Katrina, applied when the eligible occupations still included Accountants, she was fortunate that she applied while she was still eligible.

I actually had to push her to apply because she had some apprehensions at first.

But when she finally started, she was very focused and determined, and as the fruit of her labors she and her husband are already in Canada.

Although, Accountants are no longer in the list of eligible occupations, those who aspire to go to Canada must make sure that they will be able to file their applications right away.

As the regulations for Permanent Residents application in Canada changes, it now requires that documents must be complete on the first stage of the application process.

Aspiring clients who wants to go to Canada, must get ready in advance to take advantage of this opportunity.

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