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New 29 In-Demand Occupations, New Application Procedure

IMMIGRATE TO CANADA WITHIN 6 months to a year!!!!

Like what I have always been saying in my posts, Immigration Regulations are subject to change and that the longer you delay your decision to apply, the more you are risking your eligibility.

And it has changed sooner that we have expected it to change.

There has been a change in the Ministerial Instruction affecting Federal Skilled Worker program applications.

Effective June 26, 2010, Citizenship and Immigration Canada will only process applications under Federal Skilled Worker program only, if you have:

# a valid offer of arranged employment, OR

# one year of continuous full-time or equivalent part-time paid work experience in at least one of the 29 in-demand occupations list(Click on this link to read list of eligible occupations)

Temporary foreign workers and international students will no longer be part of the Federal Skilled Worker program, may now apply under Canadian Experience Class.

The new Ministerial Instruction also covers changes in the application procedures. For example, the Simplified application Process is now totally wiped out, in sending your application to Centralized Intake Office (CIO), you now need to submit results of an independent language test (IELTS or TEF: Test d’évaluation de français) even if your first language is English or French.

Moreover, you also need to submit copies of the documents required, specifically by the Canadian Visa Office responsible in processing your application.

What's in it for you?

1. For Clients who has filed to CIO before June 26, 2010, Waiting for Assessment Notice

If your application was received by Centralized Intake Office (CIO) before June 26, 2010, even if and your occupation is no longer included in the new 29 in-demand occupations list, the changes will not affect your application.

As per the Ministerial Instruction, applications received before June 26, 2010, will be processed according to the rules that were in effect at that time you filed your application.

However, some individuals are saying that the publication of the Citizenship and Immigration Canada, wasn't clear in stating the basis of the deadline, whether its the receipt by Centralized Intake Office or Canadian Visa Office handling the applicants files.

To clarify, here's what was stated in the Canada Gazette.

All Federal Skilled Worker applications received by the Centralized Intake Office - CIO in Sydney, Nova Scotia, on a date prior to the Canada Gazette publication date shall continue to be considered for processing having regard to the first set of Ministerial Instructions. [Source]

It was published June 26, 2010. It clearly states that if your application was received by CIO before June 26, 2010, and even if your occupation is no longer included in the new in-demand occupations, your application would still be processed.

2. Interested to immigrate to Canada, but your Occupation is not included in the new 29 in-demand list

If you are interested to live and work in Canada but your occupation is not included in the new list of priority occupations, you still have the chance to immigrate to Canada if:

# You have an arranged employment in Canada, or

# You have somebody to sponsor you under Provincial Nominee Program

Although, these two options are not that easy to come by, it is not impossible to get a PR Visa through these programs, in fact I have had clients who was able to take advantage of these programs and are currently in Canada.

What is clear is that you should really start preparing yourself for the IELTS Examination, as well as start preparing your documents.

For reasons that all programs for Permanent Residents Visa for Canada, require both requirements.

The objective is to be able to file your application immediately either when the list changes or another PR VISA application is favorable to you.

You must learn from the mistakes of some of my clients.

If you will prepare your documents only when your occupation is included, then it may be too late for you.

Remember that Citizenship and Immigration Canada will be imposing a cap on the number of applications it will process per occupation for each year.

Be ready!

For obvious reasons, only those applicants who are ready can really take advantage of different opportunities presented by the Canadian Government.

3. Filed before February 27, 2008, Occupation included in the new priority list

If you have a pending PR Visa application, whether it's under FSW or PNP, and that your occupation is included in the new priority list, you may want to submit a new application to CIO in order to expedite the process.

Simultaneous applications, are allowed!

The Visa Office in Manila is not yet finished in evaluating your applications (for Clients filed in 2004 until February 26, 2008).

It may take a while before applications filed in 2007 and 2006 will be processed.

If you decide to submit a new application under the revised Federal Skilled Worker program, you will get a result within 6-12 months. The only disadvantage of doing this is that you may not be able to refund the processing fee you paid to the Visa Office before. You will need to pay another visa processing fee.

4. Included in the list, Not yet filed to CIO

If your occupation is included in the new list of in-demand occupations and that you are seriously considering the opportunity to live and work in Canada, YOU MUST FILE YOUR APPLICATION RIGHT NOW!

Important Note:

For the next twelve months, Citizenship and Immigration Canada will only consider a maximum of 20,000 complete applications under the occupation list. Within the 20,000 cap, a maximum of 1,000 federal skilled worker applications per occupation will be considered for processing each year.

For sure, only those who are ready to process their applications can take advantage of the new Fast and Easy Processing System, that is why whether you are in the new 29 In demand list or not, and wants to Immigrate to Canada, you really should consider starting with the compilation of the Documentary and other related requirements for your eventual application.

Like some of my clients, if you delay your decision to get started, you too will miss out on this great opportunity for yourself and your Family.

IMPORTANT! The same list of Eligible occupations will be used for the next change in the regulation on July 1, 2011, apply now!!!!

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