Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Special Canadian Immigration Orientation Seminar

In line with the current changes in the Federal Skilled Workers Visa application for Canada.

We at the Canadian Immigration Consultancy is going to conduct a special Orientation Seminar, on February 26, 2011 (this Saturday).

If you want to find out what you need to do to take advantage of the 6 months to a year Permanent Residents Visa program of Canada.

We suggest that you attend.

Here are the seminar details:

Venue - Canadian Immigration Consultancy, Ground Floor Uniwide Coastal Mall, Tambo, Paranaque City.

Time - 10am to 12noon

Seminar Fee - P300 per attendee

This seminar is designed to answer all your questions about Immigrating to Canada. The processing time, what you need to process your application, the cost and how you handle the problems that you encounter along the way.

Learn your options!

Attend the seminar!

You can pay the seminar fee at the Venue, registration starts 15 minutes before the seminar begins.

You can also email your reservations to

Monday, February 21, 2011

Canada Visa Application Online Bulletin

Month of February 2011

To my valued client and blog subscribers.

This post, Canada Visa Application Online Bulletin, will be done monthly to give you updates on what is happening in the processing of the Federal Skilled Workers - FSW - application for Canada, as well as relevant changes that you should know about Visa applications for Canada.

As you may already know, at present there are three (3) kinds of applications currently being processed at the Canadian Embassy.

Canada Visa applications from the Old System

Those processed from November 2004 until February 26, 2008; Current processing Speed – 6 years; Month in cue – still November 2004

Clients or individual applications who were filed in the old system, should update the embassy about changes in their address, or present circumstance, if they changed their Civil status, address, or have some additional dependents since the last time they filed their applications.

You should also be aware, that simultaneous applications is allowed. So if you are in the current list of eligible occupations, want to try your luck in the new process by filing a separate simultaneous application, willing to pay another set of your filing fee because you want to have faster processing for your application, this is an option that you can take.

If on the other hand, you just want until the Embassy, asks for updates about your application, you should know that they will more likely ask you to take the International English Language Testing System - IELTS - english exam, so you should get ready for this eventuality. Although, I would not recommend that you take the exam right now, I would say it is never too early to review for the exam.

You can either do a self review if you are confident in your english skills and just wants to know how to handle the four parts of the exam, Reading Test, Writing Test, Speaking Test, Listening Test.

Or enroll yourself in a review center.

There are so many blogs and sites that give out free information about this test, try google searching "Free IELTS blogs" and select the site that gives you the most information.

Relatively, you can also google search IELTS review centers in your area.

38 High Demand Occupations

Applications processed February 28, 2008 until June 25, 2010; Current processing Speed 6 months to 1 year

29 in Demand Occupations

Applications filed June 26, 2010 until present; current processing speed – 6 months to 1 year

Note: (for those filed under the 38 High Demand Occupation or 29 In Demand Occupation)

Due to the current influx of new applications processed, the Embassy is delayed in issuing correspondences regarding your application.

It may take more than 5 months or more before you get your Medical or Visa Notice, from the time you submitted your complete application package at the Visa office handling your application or sent your Passports for Visa stamping, respectively.

Current Process requirements and updates

To date, Citizenship and Visa Canada will only accept applications of individuals who has work experience in the following Occupations:

*List of Eligible Occupations for Federal Skilled Worker Class (29 in Demand Occupation), click on this link to view complete list

This regulation will only until June 30, 2011, a new list of eligible occupation will be published on July 1, 2011.

For those of you have friends or relatives who have work experience in the current list of eligible Occupation, you should tell them to hurry and file their applications right away, when the list changes and their occupations will no longer be included in the new list, they will no longer be able to file their applications.

Doctors, Physical Therapists, Dentists, Psychologist, Restaurant Managers, and other occupations still have a lot of open slots for those who are interested to take advantage of this Fast and Easy Visa application for Canada!

But you have to start now, or else loose the opportunity of a lifetime.

Other than the nearing deadline of the duration of the program, there is a quota for each eligible occupation, that the Canadian Government will receive!

Apply right now!

Click on the following link to view update on Federal Skilled Workers Occupation quota:

Occupations Cap as of February 18, 2011 - source:

For those of you who does not have work experience in the list of 29 in demand occupations but has extensive experience in Occupation Categories O, A or B (Managerial, Professional or Trade and Skilled Occupations) you still have the chance to get a Permanent Residents Visa for Canada.

Important Note: The current regulation dictates that an applicant must be ready with the full application package at the start of the application.

Forms, documents and all relevant requirements most be in order.

Meaning, only those who are ready, will be able to apply under the new regulation.

The category of occupations that I have just mentioned is the source of occupations that is being used when the Canadian Government changes the list of Eligible occupations for processing.

If you are really serious about your plan to live and work in Canada, you have no choice but to ready their applications for filling right now!

A smart applicant, does not only react and starts readying his application when his occupation is already in the list of eligible occupation, he is the one who asks about the process and the requirements and starts complying with the requirements, so that he can take advantage of the opportunity when it comes!

Give us a call and ask about the Privilege Plan, this maybe just the thing for you to make sure that you will not waste your chance for Canada when your chance comes.

Other updates:

The present regulation, requires an applicant to take the International English Language Testing System English Exam, will only accept IELTS - General Training module, to find out more about this requirement please click on the following link:

*On Canada VISA IELTS Requirement - Genenral Training or Academic, One Year or Two Years

Proposed changes in the Federal Skilled Workers Visa program for Canada is underway, read about it by clicking on the following link:

Changes in the FSW Program of canada

Write us an email, or visit our office to learn your options!

Email -


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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Changes in the FSW Program of canada

As you move on processing your Federal Skilled Workers - FSW - application for Canada, it is important to take note of changes in the regulation that may affect your application.

At present there are some possible changes in the FSW Program of Canada.

For the longest time, even though a lot of Skilled or Trade occupations are part eligible list of occupations, most applicants would not pass the selection criteria (click on link to read about the topic) of Canada because applicants either lack Work Experience or does not have years of education required for the program.

The recent proposed changes in the FSW program of Canada would help applicants who has experience in Trade or Skilled occupations such as welders, Crane Operators, Plumbers and the like.

As it aims to adjust the requirements for English proficiency specific to the capability of Trades or Skilled applicants, reduce the number of years of required education and placing greater emphasis on younger workers.

"Proposed Changes to the Federal Skilled Worker Programs

The federal skilled worker selection system established in 2002 looks at the worker’s overall capacity to adapt to Canada’s labour market. It measures each candidate’s score on a grid worth up to 100 points. The grid takes into consideration the candidates’ official language ability, their education, their work experience, their age, whether they have a job already arranged in Canada (arranged employment) and their overall adaptability (which awards points for things like previous work or study in Canada, the spouse’s education and relatives in Canada).

A recent evaluation of the Federal Skilled Worker Program showed that, overall, skilled workers selected according to these criteria are faring well in Canada, but it also shows there is room for improvement. Based on recommendations from the evaluation, academic research and best practices in other immigrant-receiving countries, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) is proposing changes to the selection system. These changes don’t alter the selection criteria established in 2002. Instead, the proposals below would affect the number of points assigned to the criteria and the way they are assessed.
Requiring a minimum level of language proficiency

A 2005 Statistics Canada study found that employment rates for immigrants increased with their ability to speak an official language. It also found that language proficiency had the biggest impact on their ability to find work in either a high-skilled profession or their intended field."

Read from source by clicking on the following link:

Source: Media Centre.

The changes in the Federal Skilled Workers Program of Canada, if approved, would help bridge the gap of Canada's need for Skilled and Trade Immigrants.

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