Changes in the FSW Program of canada

As you move on processing your Federal Skilled Workers - FSW - application for Canada, it is important to take note of changes in the regulation that may affect your application.

At present there are some possible changes in the FSW Program of Canada.

For the longest time, even though a lot of Skilled or Trade occupations are part eligible list of occupations, most applicants would not pass the selection criteria (click on link to read about the topic) of Canada because applicants either lack Work Experience or does not have years of education required for the program.

The recent proposed changes in the FSW program of Canada would help applicants who has experience in Trade or Skilled occupations such as welders, Crane Operators, Plumbers and the like.

As it aims to adjust the requirements for English proficiency specific to the capability of Trades or Skilled applicants, reduce the number of years of required education and placing greater emphasis on younger workers.

"Proposed Changes to the Federal Skilled Worker Programs

The federal skilled worker selection system established in 2002 looks at the worker’s overall capacity to adapt to Canada’s labour market. It measures each candidate’s score on a grid worth up to 100 points. The grid takes into consideration the candidates’ official language ability, their education, their work experience, their age, whether they have a job already arranged in Canada (arranged employment) and their overall adaptability (which awards points for things like previous work or study in Canada, the spouse’s education and relatives in Canada).

A recent evaluation of the Federal Skilled Worker Program showed that, overall, skilled workers selected according to these criteria are faring well in Canada, but it also shows there is room for improvement. Based on recommendations from the evaluation, academic research and best practices in other immigrant-receiving countries, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) is proposing changes to the selection system. These changes don’t alter the selection criteria established in 2002. Instead, the proposals below would affect the number of points assigned to the criteria and the way they are assessed.
Requiring a minimum level of language proficiency

A 2005 Statistics Canada study found that employment rates for immigrants increased with their ability to speak an official language. It also found that language proficiency had the biggest impact on their ability to find work in either a high-skilled profession or their intended field."

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Source: Media Centre.

The changes in the Federal Skilled Workers Program of Canada, if approved, would help bridge the gap of Canada's need for Skilled and Trade Immigrants.


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