Canada Student Visa a great pathway for Immigration

Canada is one of the best countries to immigrate to. In a research conducted by the BAV Group, a unit of global marketing communications company VMLY&R, and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Canada consistently ranked FIRST for five consecutive years in the Best Countries rankings. Canada also made it to the top 20 list of the United Nations Development Program as one of the best places to live in. 

This is measured by busing attributes including affordable quality of life, a good job market, economic stability, family-friendliness, income equality, political stability, safety, well-developed public education system and well-developed public health system. Around a million FiIipinos have realized this and are now living in Canada for a fresh start and settling down for good. Unfortunately, migrating to the this North American country could be quite costly with all the exorbitant “show” money and processing fees, not to mention all the painstaking processes of securing documents required. But there is one avenue that applicants could explore as an easier and faster means to gain entry to this side of North America: the Canada Student Pathway. 

Filipinos in search of greener pastures find this option attractive with all the opportunities it presents. The Canada Student Pathway does not have an age limit. Applicants can opt for a study program and get employed at the same time for a lesser cost. 

The student can get a Work Visa after completion of the study program. One (1) year study can give the student an additional one (1) year work permit and a two-year study has an equivalent of an additional 3 years of work permit. 

The process is fast which may take 2 to 3 months and there is a possibility of bringing one’s family along. The program also helps them gain the right Canadian study or work experience to eventually enable them to apply for a Permanent Residents (PR) Visa.

Requirements for the Canada Student Pathway differ for each province. To help applicants consider which place is best for them, they may check out the Canadian provinces and territories.


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