New Pathways to Permanent Residence for Caregivers - update

Last February 23, 2019 the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada announced that it will have two (2) new pilot programs for Caregivers.

Among the many proposed changes what stood out was the plan to allow Caregivers to:

1. Bring their dependents with them; spouse will be given the opportunity to get an Open Work Permit/children of dependent age and status will be allowed study permits. This is very different from the previous regulations where the caregiver will only have the chance to bring his or her family after they become permanent residents. 
2. be given the flexibility to change jobs quickly and still
3. be allowed to apply as a Permanent Resident when caregiver has earned the right by providing what is required to Immigrate to Canada.

 As of this writing we are still waiting for the finalized guidelines for the two (2) new pilot programs for Caregivers but to simplify I am trying to summarize what has been published about the Caregiver program so far.

So here goes.

1. an interim program was created to allow caregivers already in Canada to apply for Permanent Residence status. It is only until June 4, 2019, I repeat this is only for those already in Canada working as a caregiver for at least 1 year either as a home child provider or home support worker

2. old pilots namely caring for children program and the caring for people with high medical needs will end on Nov. 29, 2019

3. live in caregiver program has ended last Nov. 30, 2014

Which means that the 2 new pilots will most likely be published before November 29, 2019

To know more about the programs mentioned and how you will qualify, you can read from the [source].


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