NCLEX Passers Alberta Canada

The College of Registered Nurses of Alberta - CARNA recognizes NCLEX passers from 1982 till present.

Applicants with NCLEX may no longer have to take the Board Exam in Alberta, but to find out they need to have their credentials assessed first.

And I quote from the CRNA Website: "CARNA recognizes past NCLEX-RN results Posted September 29, 2014 On September 26, 2014 CARNA Provincial Council passed the motion to retroactively recognize all passing NCLEX-RN results back to 1982. Effective immediately, if you passed the NCLEX between 1982 and present day, you will be considered to have met CARNA’s exam requirement for registration. You will not be required to take the NCLEX again. 

Update In response to the feedback we have received, we encourage interested international applicants to refer to all the registration requirements for IENs. 

Passing the registration exam is only one requirement and this alone does not enable you to practice in Alberta. If you have not applied to CARNA already and want to practice in Alberta, you need to first apply through NNAS. If you have an open file with CARNA, or have previously applied, please send an email with your specific information or questions to We appreciate your patience in receiving a response during this high volume time." 

How does this affect you the applicant? 

If you have a valid NCLEX you can have your credentials assessed in the National Nursing Assessment Service NNAS. 

And if you are fortunate to pass the assessment, you will no longer have to take the CARNA exam to practice in Alberta. Having this credential means you will be able to apply for a Nursing Job in Alberta Canada, and if you get an employer, you will have very high points to be considered to receive an Invitation to Apply - ITA for a Permanent Residents Visa in Canada. 

To know more you can visit the following link: Carna recognizes NCLEX


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