Understanding the Express Entry

On January 2015 Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) will open a new electronic system to manage permanent resident Visa applications for some of their economic programs called the "Express Entry".

Through this program, the government of Canada will be able to actively recruit, assess and select new immigrants.

This program will be applicable to those who will apply for the Federal Skilled Worker program, the Federal Skilled Trades program, the Canadian Experience Class and some of the Provincial Nominee program.

There are two steps in applying for the Express Entry.

1) Potential candidates complete an online Express Entry profile  

Potential candidates must make an online Express Entry profile where they will provide information about their skills, work experience, language ability, education and other details about themselves. Those who will qualify in the criteria set, will be placed in a pool of candidates. Candidates who apply will be assessed and ranked against each other.  Only those who are ranked the highest-who can prove that they will become economically stable in Canada and those with qualified offers of employment or those nominated under the participating Provincial Nominee programs will be given an invitation to apply for Permanent Resident Visa in Canada.

If an applicant does not have a valid job offer or a nomination from a particular province or territory, he or she can register in the Government of Canada's Job Bank which will connect him or her to eligible Canadian Employer.

Step 2) Citizenship and Immigration Canada will invite certain candidates to apply for permanent residence and process their applications within six months.

Only those who are ranked the highest in the pool of Candidates will be given an invitation to apply.

Those with a valid job offer or are nominated by a province or territory will be given the highest ranking.

Candidates will have 60 days to submit an application for permanent residence through one of the following programs:

Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP);
Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP);
Canadian Experience Class (CEC); or,
A portion of the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Under the Express Entry applicants will get their Permanent Residents Visa within 6 months or less.

*Since Candidates will only be given 60 days to apply after getting an invitation to apply, those who wish to apply for the Express Entry must make sure that they have all their application requirements ready before they send in their applications.

*Canadian Programs open and close fast, serious applicants must ready their applications right away-Right NOW!

*Applicants must be able to illustrate that they not only qualify for the program, but that they are ranked high on the pool of applicants so that they will be given an Invitation to apply - ITA which will be the one needed to apply for a Permanents Residents Visa for Canada.

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