SINP Without job offer Cap Reached

As of January 10, 2014 the quota for SINP without job offers has already been filled out or Cap has already been reached. This announcement in the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program - SINP website has only been published quite recently.

This means that those without Job offers, but wants to apply for the SINP will not be able to apply to the Program, for the time being, until it restarts next year.

Since a lot of individuals were interested to apply to the SINP without Job Offer program, a lot of applicants would have been affected by this recent development.

But this is to be expected.

Like all the other programs for Permanent Resident Visa applications to Canada, only those who ready their applications ahead of time can take advantage.

Since almost all of the programs imposes a quota for the number of files they receive, those interested can not wait till a program opens before they make a move for their intention to leave and work in Canada.

Otherwise, its not wise.

The same, having the quota filled out before they apply, will happen over and over again.

There are still other programs currently open and those that will open up soon.  Like, the Federal Skilled Worker application, the Manitoba Provincial Nominee program and other Provincial Nominee programs.  If you want to have your credentials assessed, please click on the assessment button on the upper right corner of this blog or email resume to


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