Challenge Accepted (when Maria Theresa Radovan applied for PR Visa for Canada)

As an employee of the Canadian Immigration Consultancy, a Consultancy firm under Atty. John Weisdorf, I process a lot of applications for Federal Skilled Worker application.

Since we are one of the biggest Immigration Firms for Canada in the Philippines, I process a lot of applications and not all the cases I handle are the same. Some are harder than most, and are the kind of cases I enjoy the most.

Such is the application story of Ms. Maria Theresa Radovan.  

Maria Theresa Radovan was referred to me by  Mr. Jan Ritchie Dungao who also happens to be her nephew.

When she began consulting with our firm she disclosed certain difficulties in her application.

To which I offered certain solutions and plotted scenarios on how to handle each issue. Immediately, because she was really serious about her plans for Canada, signed a contract on April 29, 2010.  

After readying all her documentary requirements we filed her application to Centralized Intake office November 11, 2010.

Where she got positive assessment last June 6, 2011

After that we received her File number July 7, 2011

When we thought that things were looking up and seemed to be going our way we received a notice for Interview last July 25, 2011.  

Where the embassy had concerns about the details of her application. 

Marites thought that the additional requirement would be a problem but for Canadian Immigration Consultancy, it was just another challenge to comply, to which we did. 

As part of our service we also made sure that she will be able to answer the possible questions that may be asked from her.  

So we regularly spoke about the interview until it was scheduled for her to go to the Canadian Embassy.  

She was interviewed for two hours.  One of the few clients we had that was unfortunate to have been subjected to a lengthy interview. Fortunately, she was our client and was prepared to answer all questions.  

Being prepared definitely helped her as well as her quick wit and intelligence, no matter how long it took for two Visa officers to interview her, she did not waver on her answers. When it was finished, the Visa officers told her that they will consider the exchange of information will inform her of the decision. 

Then came the long wait.  It took a lot of follow ups and discussion regarding the case and a lot of pep talked to calm Marites down. 

There were times that she already doubted if she will still make it. 

Then came more problems.  Additional requirements were again required by the embassy to be provided by her
On April 27, 2012 to address other concerns. 

This took sometime to comply. 

Then another long pause.

Until we received Medical Notice October 5, 2012

Passport request received March 12, 2013

And finally her Visa and her dependents were issued April 12, 2013 and VERY SOON, Marites as I call her will be leaving for Canada to start her dream of living and working in Canada.

This can be your story too...

An application for Canada might or might not be easy.  But our clients still persists in submitting their files because they value the benefits and income opportunity they have when they become Permanent Residents.

Why its easier to become financially stable in first world countries like Canada is because residents as well as Citizens get benefits that helps alleviate their cost  to allow them to provide better quality of life for themselves and their loved ones.

Benefits like Free Health Care, Allowances for your children until age 18, Free Education for Elementary to High school, Student Loans for College, Disability and Unemployment Income. 

While in the Philippines, the lack of insurances to protect Filipinos from instances where they may become bankrupt like death, Accident or prolonged sickness in the Family, high cost of health and Education, low income opportunity inhibits the possibility of having financial security for your loved ones.

I have the impression that Maritess with her very supportive Husband Sir Rowell can manage quite well.  

They will do well on their own even if they stay in the Philippines, but they still went ahead and sent their application, despite the difficulty because they want to have better options for their entire family.

With our track record and good company history, we are able to provide solutions to problems encountered in their application. 

As the need of Canada for immigrants is evolving so is its application process.

At present, the system and requirements changes every year.  The biggest of change is that all programs require complete requirements at the beginning of the application.

Which means only those who are committed and serious about their application will be the only ones who will get the opportunity to get a Permanent Residents Visa.

Planning ahead, and getting ready to file is now necessary if you want to apply to any kind of Visa program for Canada. 

If you want to, we can help you become eligible for the program. 

But you have to be honest and smart with your time.  

You should apply while you still have the chance.  

Do not regret the time when you will wonder what it would have been, if only you applied when you still had the opportunity. 

You either take advantage of this chance of a lifetime or give up, the choice is yours.

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