Dreams do come true, for real!

I once heard from someone that dreams will continue to be a dream, especially if you sleep on it.

For those of us who are still alive, dreams are what wakes us up to do what is necessary to make our lives better. 

All of us have dreams of a better future, a good life, for oneself and our loved ones. 

Question is how hard do you have to pursue your dream before it becomes real? 

Well, I have a good story for you, in the end of the narration I am hoping you will feel good and be inspired by what they have done to reach their dream. 

By now you may already have heard that applications for Canada are sometimes processed fast or very slow. In the past few years you may have had relatives of friends who got their Canadian Resident Visas within 6 months for others 6 years. 

How about somebody who's applied and got their Visa's after 14 years? 

Yes 14 years you heard me. 

For Sherrylyn Donato Punzalan and Peter Punzalan it was never about just the speed, it was about going after what they wanted and never giving up. 

 It was in 1998 when they first applied direct to the Canadian Embassy, when they were called for an interview, they were very excited and anxious to attend unfortunately fate dealt a bad blow when after the interview they got disapproved. 

 For most people this rejection may have been the reason for them to pursue other opportunities. But not Peter and Sherrylyn for them it only was only a temporary set back.  

Immediately after their first application they applied for the second time, they waited and waited, and after 5 years of not receiving any notice  from the Canadian Embassy they decided to apply to work in Europe so that they can both maintain a good quality of life for they three kids and at the same time save up for their application for Canada. When their update came and was again required to go on an interview they were already working abroad and was not able to attend to the Interview so they got disapproved for the second time. 

It was in 2009 when I read Sherrylyn read my blog about a training coordinator that passed as a college instructor which made her decide to apply for a third time with the help of Canadian Immigration Consultancy.

When Sherrylyn called me I assessed both of them and found Sherrylyn to be a better Candidate for the program so she became the Principal applicant for the Federal Skilled Workers program.  It was a tough decision for them to make because the documents that they needed to prove that she was qualified for the program was not readily available. 

But with proper coordination and careful planning we were able to file their application to the Centralized Intake Office in Sydney Nova Scotia last April 27, 2010. 

It sure did not help that being in Italy meant their courier expense, Phone calls made processing their application costly and difficult.  After many sleepless nights, constant communication and prayer their Visas got released last November 8. 2012. 

And now they are already in Canada. 

 Sending all their three kids through college was not enough for Sherrylyn and Peter. For they know that a college education in the Philippines is no longer enough to give their children a better quality to of life. 

They wanted more. And although they know that they will have to start all over again, they were willing to give it a try because with Canada's better social benefits achieving their goal is made more possible. 

No sacrifice is too great for them when it is for their children.  They may have waited 14 years but they never gave up.  Proper planning and timing is necessary in any application for Permanent Residents Visa in Canada.  With the erratic changes in the rules and regulation of Canada only those who has planned in Advance will be able to make their dreams come true.  

Sherrylyn and Peter, knew that the opportunity will not wait for them instead they should take advantage when it comes, so they were always in the look out.  

In CIC we are not only proud of the number of people we send to Canada, but also with the lessons we learn from our applicants.  

Because of them we are better individuals. 
Thank you Mam Sherrylyn and Sir Peter for taking us and making us a part of your journey in getting what you want for your family. 
 This can be your story too... 

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