FSW list of designated Education assessing bodies to be published Mid of February 2013

In the Twitter page of Citizenship and Immigration Canada he has indicated the that the list of designated assessing bodies will be published middle of February 2013.
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In this relation you should make sure that your documents are in other before the date mentioned so that you can readily have your credentials assessed right away. 

Education Credentials Assessment will be part of the additional requirements mentioned in Minister Kenny's many publications and discussions of late, regarding the new Federal Skilled Worker program which according to him will start on May 4, 2013. 

Important note:

For those of you who has researched for the Education Credentials Assessment you would see a lot of agencies offering this services in Canada.  Do not have your credentials done before you receive the instruction from the Citizenship and Immigration Canada.  

Moreover, there are some assessing bodies that require High School Diploma and Transcript (form 137) to be sure that you have all the required documents at hand, I suggest that you secure these documents, as well. 
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