Our Greatest Fulfilment - Our Clients Testimonial from the Halili Family

Time really flies, it seem not long ago, I handed out the Visa's of Ernesto and Barbette Halili, two years after they are living fulfilled and happy lives in Canada.

I can never forget how Sir Ernesto brought the house down during our Visa party when he made jokes about Mam Barbette and later on regretted that he did looking at Mam Barbette's expression with a lot of apprehension.

Through Facebook we manage to keep in touch and last December he sent me a heartwarming note:

"HI Boss Jay,

Finally , got a chance to write a message and actually thank you and the rest of the guys from CIC. feel free to post this testimony in your blog or Facebook to encourage those who are dreaming of becoming a permanent residence in Canada.

The year was 2009, when we pulled out our previous PR application to apply to the new immigration process . We filed our application in July 0f 2009, after all the stress we got from completing all the requirements, we never felt alone because CIC was always there to assist, update and comfort us from all the hassle and stress of completing all the documents needed. In November 2009, we were surprised to received a letter from the embassy, telling us to undergo medical examination and in January we received a call from JAY, informing us that our PR visa had arrive. 

After almost 3 years now, overcoming the difficulty of settling to a new environment , new culture and struggle to get a good job, we are now about to file our Citizenship application in April. I got the job I dreamed of, I am actually working with TELUS Telecommunication as a Telecom Technician, my wife is working as a Care aided assistance while waiting to complete all the requirement in becoming a Registered Nurse, our Kids goes to private schools, we bought our new house, new car, we are insured just in case something happened to both of us, and I had brought my parents already to visit us here.

Of course , it was not easy to achieve what we are enjoying right now, we struggled, we underwent hardships but those were just temporary. We are very satisfied with the life we are getting in Canada, this is because we made the right choice of taking the risk of applying to Canada through CIC and with the help of the very reliable and capable men and women of CIC, specially Sir JAY.

We thank CIC with all our hearts , hope we can visit you someday when we visit the Philippines probably in 2015.

Thanks CIC

Ernesto Halili, Barbette Halili Canadian Immigration Consultancy Clients"

As Career Advisers at the Canadian Immigration Consultancy we can not help but feel proud of the accomplishments of our clients and proud that we were somewhat part of better quality of life they are not enjoying in Canada. Thank you Mam Ernesto and Mam Barbette for the letter that you sent, we hope that you continue to keep in touch and we would love to see you in 2015.  

We are so proud of your achievements and salute your efforts in giving all that you can to give your Family the best quality of life that they deserve.

The thing is, applying for permanent residents visa at the time that they lodged their application, was not easy, they were right it presented risks. And they were right the fruits are worth the effort. 

This May 4, 2014, Canada will again start accepting applications for the Federal Skilled Worker program, as previously published this will take about 6 to 12 months to process but, the regulations have changed, unlike the time the Halili's applied only those who are ready with their requirements will be the only ones who will be able to qualify. 

To read more about the new regulation on May, please click on this link: Start of Federal Skilled Worker program on May 4, 2013

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