Teachers Wilbert and Candy Corpuz the untold story

Wilbert and Candy Corpuz were referred to me by clients whom I am fond of Mr. and Mrs. Divina and Jojit Tan who at that time already had their PR Visa for Canada.

When Teachers Candy and Wilbert visited the office to inquire about their chances for Canada in the middle of January 2011, they disclosed to me that they owned a school that catered to children with special needs.  

Both of them were hands on in managing their school, Teacher Candy was acting as Director of Saints and Angels, while Teacher Wilbert was responsible for making the programs, activities and assessment for the children's development.  At that time, Citizenship and Immigration Canada changed the list of priority occupations (June 26, 2010) to include Psychologists so it seemed like a timely decision for them because Sir Wilbert took the same course in college. In no time, knowing their opportunity they immediately signed a contract with us to help them process their application.

At first it would appear to be an easy enough case, but as it turned out this became one of the most challenging applications I have ever handled.  As the owners of the business, they can not certify their your work experience, so we had to look for professionals who can attest that Sir Wilbert really performs the duties of a Psychologist.  We agreed on is they will get Certifications from DEP ED, the Autism Society of the Phils, the Municipality where Sir Wilbert gave community counsellings for free, their church, the NBI where they were volunteers in helping abused women recover from their ordeal, etc., etc. 

I always tell Teacher Candy they are my favorite clients, and she would always say its not true, but I say so because of the persistence they dedicated for their application. 

After what proved to be a very grueling ordeal we submitted their application on June 9, 2011 to the Centralized Intake office in Sydney Nova Scotia.  And on October we received the assessment Results.... 


Teacher Candy had an Uncle in Canada and CIO did not grant points for him, because they did not believe he still stays in Canada, moreover the officer was not sure if they were really related. So with eyes slightly swollen, Teacher Candy went to the office and we planned our next move.  Like the ideal client that they were they exceeded my exceptions where they were able to provide the documents I said we needed for the appeal we were planning, and more. On November 2011 we sent the appeal letter. Then we received an email from the Canadian Embassy that they are being reconsidered. After a few months of wait and continuous prayer, the Embassy once again sent another request for update this time their Proof of Funds were being questioned. 

For the third time, we met and discussed what needs to be done, by this time I knew that nothing can stop this particular application, I saw the dedication of my clients Wilbert and Candy, when they did give all the documents that I ask them to bring, you would not help but notice how organized they were when they submitted what was needed. 

When they got their Medical Notice last Feb. 2012, we were relieved. Then on April 19 2012 they got their passport request, and finally one faithful day after all the hurdles they have endured on May 11, 2012 they got their Visa. 

This lovely couple did not really have to go to Canada for themselves. The school they have left in the care of their sister is still thriving.  But they did it not for themselves but for the future of their children. Right now goodthings are happening to them because they fought for their right to get the Visa which will give their children better chances to have a better quality of life in the future.  Teacher Candy not only landed Jobs immediately after arriving in Canada, they are also enjoying their stay. Right now they are waiting for their children's arrival in Red Deer Alberta.  I can not help but mention that I do not know a lot of people who applies as a Teachers aid in Canada and end up having an Assistant Managers desk at the end of the Interview. Yes that is teacher Candy for you. 

I think it will not be long, at the rate they are going, having a Saints and Angels school in Canada is forthcomming... 

 Teacher Candys new job as assistant manager for a day care center am sure she misses her students in the Philippines.
This can be your story too... If you learn how to appreciate your opportunities and act quick, not allowing the opportunity to pass you by, you too should have the life you dream about. If you fight for your right to have a better quality of life and not allowing yourself to make excuses not to apply, you too can have an Immigrants Visa for Canada. 

This January 2013 marks the start of processing for the new Federal Skilled Workers program.  If you want to go to Canada, you have to start your application right now. This is going to be their easiest program that they will implement. If you don't act now, you will surely regret it.

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