Understanding the New FSW Points System for Federal Skilled Worker Class (FSWC)

With the publication of the specific details of the proposed changes in Canada's FSW Points system in Canada Gazette*, applicants must make a move and start preparing to file their applications right now.

It looks like Citizenship and Immigration Canada is gearing up towards implementing the new regulations in the Federal Skilled Worker Class and start accepting applications as scheduled, which is on January 2013.

The lead time applicants have is best used to prepare for the requirements of the application for filling. Based on previous regulations, only those who are ready to file right away, are the ones who benefit from the fast and easy PR Visa application for Canada. "

Highlights of publication (New Points System in the Canada Gazette) In said publication Minister Jason Kenney (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) mentioned the following: 

- The Points system for the Federal Skilled Worker Class (FSWC) will be revised

Arranged Employment Opinion will be streamlined and strict procedures will be put in place to curb Fradulent Job Offers with these proposed changes in AEO, employers would be required to apply for a labour market opinion
(LMO) to HRSDC, whether it is in support of a temporary work permit application and/or a permanent residence

- A New dedicated skilled trades class (FSTC) will be created. Which will be applicable to NOC B occupational areas: Industrial, Electrical and Construction Trades; Maintenance and Equipment Operation Trades; Supervisors and Technical Occupations in Natural Resources, Agriculture and Related Production; Processing, Manufacturing and Utilities Supervisors and Central Control Operators; as well as Chefs and Cooks, and Bakers and Butchers. To qualify an applicant must have a valid job offer of up to 2 employers in Canada or a certificate of qualification from a provincial Apprenticeship Authority, take language proficiency test and meet minimum required scores, at least 2 years work experience in the declared occupation within the last 5 years and meet all other requirements for the occupation based on the National Occupations Classification NOC of Canada except licensing requirements because its hard to get it if applicant resides outside of Canada.   

- Modify the requirements of the Canadian Experience Class - CEC to make it easy for those who are already in Canada and has proven that they can easily succeed in Canada by requiring less work experience for applicants. CEC is only applicable to applicants who are already in Canada who are working or worked in NOC Categories O - Managerial, A - Professional and B Trade Skilled occupations in Canada.

Of the three PR Programs in Canada the Federal Skilled Worker Class - FSWC is the one who receives the most applicants, the following is the proposed Changes in the points System.

Language Factor
1. It is proposed that there will be a minimum language scoresto qualify for the program. It is set at Canadian Language Benchmark 7 (CLB 7) for all four abilities (speaking, listening, reading and writing). It's equivalent to IELTS Score of 6. If applicant has points lower than 6 they would have to retake the IELTS Test again.

2. The number of points for the second official language (French) would be reduced from 8 points to 4 points. 3. Significantly increasing the maximum points awarded for fluency in one official language from 16 points to 24 points.

The computation would be as follows:

CLB 7 (IELTS score 6 in all areas) = 4 points

CLB 8  (IELTS score 6.5 for Reading, Writing and Speaking. Listening 7.5) = 5 points

CLB 9  (IELTS score of 7 for Reading, Writing and Speaking. Listening 8) = 6 points

Age Factor
The proposal is to favor younger applicants by awarding a maximum of 12 points for applicants aged 18 to 35 and a deduction of 1 point for every year after 35:

36 years old = 11 points
37 years old = 10 points
38 years old = 09 points
39 years old = 08 points
40 years old = 07 points
41 years old = 06 points
42 years old = 05 points
43 years old = 04 points
44 years old = 03 points
45 years old = 02 points
46 years old = 01 points
47 years old = 00 points

Work Experience Factor
Total points for work experience will be reduced from 21 to 15, work experience required to achieve full poitns will be increased from four years to six years.

1 year = 09 points
2-3 yeas = 11 points
4-5 yeas = 13 points
6 + yeas = 15 points

Adaptability Factor
Proposed changes in the adaptability criteria are as follows:

Maximum is 10 points.

10 points - PA Previous Work in Canada (min. 1 yr at NOC 0, A, B)
05 points - Previous study in Canada — PA
05 points - Previous study in Canada — accompanying spouse/partner
05 points - Previous work in Canada — accompanying spouse/partner
05 points - Arranged employment
05 points - Accompanying spouse/partner’s official language (CLB/NCLC 4) 05 points - Relative in Canada (18 years or over)

The proposed changes aims to emphasize factors that are shown to have positive impacts on an immigrant’s economic and social integration.

Spouse points of (3-5) no longer included in the adaptability points.

Education Factor
Education points would be awarded based on the equivalent Canadian educational credential and points would be awarded in recognition of the credential’s relevance in the Canadian standards.

Designated organizations would work on a case-by-case basis to authenticate credentials obtained in foreign jurisdictions and determine their equivalent value in Canada.

25 points - Doctoral level
23 points - Master’s level or professional degree
22 points - Two or more post-secondary credentials, one of which is a three-year or longer post-secondary credential

21 points - Three-year or longer post-secondary credential
19 points - Two-year post-secondary credential
15 points - One-year post-secondary credential
05 points - Secondary school

Without assessment from the organization designated by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, you can't claim points for the education factor.

Pass mark would still be 67 points.

IMPORTANT: If you have a valid IELTS Examination Score but with score of lower than 6 in any of the four areas, it will no longer be valid. You must take schedule another examination. No word yet if the new requirement would now be the Academic Module although the current requirement in Canada's Operational Manual for PR VISA Overseas processing still says its General Training.

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