Getting ready for January 2013 and other PR Visa options

While applicants wait for the new set of regulations for the Federal Skilled Worker program - FSW which will be published on January 2013, it is strongly recommended that they ready their requirements for filing before the immigration office starts accepting new applications.

Clients must have all their documentary requirements at hand so that they can file their applications right away.

There will still be a Quota or limit on the number of applications that will be received so whoever files first will get better chances of getting a Visa. 

More so that there are a lot of expected changes in the new FSW applications tagged as the Ministerial Instructions number 5. 

Proposed changes for Federal Skilled Worker applications (click on the link to read about changes)

Proposed Implementation of Credentials assessment for Regulated professions. 

The six months pause implemented by Citizenship and Immigration Canada must be used by applicants wisely.  This should be used to prepare their applications ready for filling in advance for reasons that the FSW program will still have a time limit in sending ones application as well as a quota set per eligible list. 

Applicants must strive to plan ahead and secure whatever is needed to be able to file to take advantage of the 6 to 12 months processing. 
There are still other programs where an applicant can apply to become a Permanent Resident of Canada at present.  Which includes but not limited to  getting a full time and permanent Job Offer from a Canadian Employer and apply for an Arranged Employment offer or a Labor Market Opinion. 

The Provincial Nominee Programs - Since each province has its own PNP program its expected that the streams available per program is different from another province amongst the existing Provincial Nominee Programs the following are the easiest to apply to: 

Nova Scotia Nominee Program - NSNP 

Under the  Community Identified Stream

Step 1: Contact a Mandated Community Identified Organization

As a requirement you must obtain a Letter of Identification from a mandated organization prior to submitting an application

Step 2: Submit application to the Nova Scotia Nominee Program

Complete application package and submit to the Nova Scotia Office of Immigration for nomination

Step 3: Submit application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada for a Permanent Resident Visa

send your application to the CIC Centralized Intake Office in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada

This NSNP does not have a list of eligible occupation but will only accept applications from individuals with work experience in NOC Job Categories O - Managerial, A-Professionals, B-trade and skilled (first three categories are priority) and C - Low Skilled.

Applicants in regulated professions will still be required to secure Credentials Assessment.

Priority List | Quebec Skilled Worker Program for the year 2012-2013 - a good option for Nurses please click on the link to read more

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program - Two friends residing at Manitoba as a Permanent Resident or Citizen can nominate you become a permanent Resident in Manitoba.

Although all of these options; and the others currently offered all documentary requirements to be ready at the beginning of the application which means the first requirement you have to comply must be to start with your application right away!

Canadian Permanent Resident Visa options

So start your application today! Do not delay otherwise you will miss the opportunity! 


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