Canada Immigrant Visa - The race is on!

If you have been planning to Immigrate to Canada, but do not know how to start then you should read this post.

Recently it only takes 6 to 12 months to process your PR Visa under the Federal Skilled Workers - FSW.

What you need to know.  

The current regulation for the Federal Skilled Worker program has changed to make sure that the 6 to 12 months processing time is maintained. 

To apply you need to take note of the following: 

1. Only those applicants that has work experience on the list of eligible - priority occupations can apply to the program. 

2. The list of eligible - priority occupations is published yearly. It runs for 1 year, starts every July 1 and ends June 30 of the following year. 

 3. There is a Cap or quota set to the number of applicants. Between 500 to 1000 applicants per occupation which means an applicant can only file his or her application when there is still a slot available or before the program ends (1 year time line). 

4. The biggest change is, applicants are now required to submit complete documentary requirements at the beginning of the application.

 Because of these changes applicants from all over the world are starting to complete their documentary requirements to allow them to file their application when they have the chance. 

They understand that only those who has their documents ready all the time has the chance to make it. 

You have to do the same! 

Start readying your application right now! 

The program now requires that you have to plan your application ahead of time to qualify for the program. You can no longer afford to wait till your occupation is open before you make the first move. 

The key is to have your application ready at all times. 

Otherwise its not wise. Other people who are more serious about this opportunity than you will take your slot. Its the only way. 

Even the other programs for Permanent Resident Visa's like the Provincial Nominee Program - PNP or the Arranged Employment offer - AEO has the same requirement, complete set of documents at the beginning of the application. 

So completing your documentary requirements ahead of time will not only give you the opportunity to apply to the Federal Skilled Workers program it will also allow you to apply to other opportunities that will come your way. 

 You have to understand, getting an Immigrants Visa to Canada is a game changer. Recipients of a Permanent Resident Visa to Canada also get Free health care, free education for their children, great income opportunity,more than adequate retirement and disability income, unemployment income, etc. Giving them better financial stabilities. 

If you want the same for yourself and your family, you have to start with your application right now! Give us a call and tell us your concerns, we are certain we can help you.  

The race is on! The first to complete their application requirement will have the best chance of Immigrating to Canada. 

Ready! Get set, Go!!!

You can have your chances assessed by clicking on the free assessment button of this page.

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