Proposed Changes on Canada FSW points system - what you should do

For some time now, Canada has been using points system to determine an applicants chances of qualifying in their FSW Points system(clicking on this link will show you current points system).

A year ago, Citizenship and Immigration Canada Proposed Changes to Canada's FSW Points System. There is a great chance that changes in the Points System will be implemented early 2013, when the Ministerial Instruction 5, or new changes on the regulation will be put in place.

So what are the proposed changes to Canada's FSW Points System?

Since February 2008, when Canada introduced the changes in the Federal Skilled Worker Program - FSW, skilled or trades Workers such as Welders, Plumbers, Electricians, Pipe fitters, Cooks and the like are having a difficult time qualifying because the current points system placed great emphasis on an applicants college education and high English test result (IELTS) requirement.

The proposed changes on the FSW Points system, now aims to correct this by adjusting certain criteria to give consideration on Skilled workers.

1. Requiring a minimum level of language proficiency
The maximum points awarded for proficiency in the first official language may be increased from 16 to 20 points, and a more flexible IELTS requirement may be introduced, based on the applicants occupational skill level. 

In a nutshell, it will give Tradespeople a better chance to meet the requirement.

Do to the current rule that IELTS test is a must, getting better scores in the English exam that gauges your skill in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening English will improve your chances in passing the assessment. 

The goodnews is, IELTS content is everyday ordinary English, meaning the more you practice it the better your results will get.

To read more about IELTS please click on the following link:


2. Placing greater emphasis on younger workers

A maximum of 10 points is awarded to applicants within the 21-49 years old - bracket, in the current points system. The proposal is to award a maximum of 12 points until age 35, with diminishing points awarded until age 49. No age points would be awarded after age 50.

3. Making the program more accessible to skilled tradespeople

Other than changes in the IELTS, reducing the number of years of education required to claim points for a trade or other non-university credential would help trades or skilled people. This proposed change would help improve access for skilled tradespeople, technicians and apprentices who did not finish Bachelors Degree courses in college. There are many skilled and experienced Filipino welders but won't qualify under the current points system due to Education factor. Not many welders, if not most, have a University degree.

4. Redirecting points from work experience to other Criteria's

The present criteria awards a total of 21 points for Work experience, the proposal is to set it to 15.

5. Reducing the potential for fraudulent job offers

The proposed changes will put emphasis in finding out if a Job offer is real or not and might require employers to sign a document attesting their intention to hire the immigrant. They could also include restrictions for employers who don’t comply with this intention.

I just would like to stress that these are proposals based on the previous publications of the Canadian Government. 

Knowing them now will help you get ready for your time when your time to apply comes.

The current program on the FSW requires applicants to submit the full application package or the complete set of documents at the begging of the application. It also puts a restriction on the time an applicant can send an application, and a quota on the number of applicants who can apply. Moreover, there is a list of eligible occupations who can apply.

Which means that only those ready at the time their occupations are called in the priority list will have the chance of getting a permanent residents Visa. The game plan is to be ready at all times. The documentary requirements for almost all of the Permanent Residents Visa programs for Canada is almost the same. Being ready all the time or completing the application requirements, means you are making yourself eligible to apply for the different programs of Canada like the Federal Skilled Workers Class, Provincial Nominee Program, Arranged Employment offer and others.

At present, the least that you can do is to complete the documents required of you to apply as most of this programs has almost the same set of requirements, that is why if you complete them ahead of time you are making yourself eligible to apply. 

Not starting on your application plan for Canada would on the other hand mean, that you will miss out every time there is a program applicable to you because you did not plan your application properly.

When and if they are offered they may come and go very fast, as they say opportunities knocks but only once, don't let this happen to you.

Act now, and make sure that you do not keep on missing the chance to get a Permanent Residents Visa. Start with your application right now!

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