changes in the Provincial Nomination Programs and Federal Skilled Workers Program may happen soon

Last January 26, 2012, Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism,announced the results of their evaluation of the Provincial Nominee Program of Canada.

In the press conference he has cited the Provincial Nominee Program as the second biggest source of Immigrants from all over the world next to the Federal Skilled Workers Program.

Moreover, improvements on the Provincial Nominee program will be on its way.

In one of the highlight of the speech, he has noted and I quote,

"So one of the things I want to work on with the provinces is how we can maximize the value of the PN selection process, get businesses more involved in the process, in recruiting people proactively from overseas with businesses so they already have jobs lined up when they get there. I should also say that will be an important part of the reforms that we will be making to the federal skilled worker points system later this year, as intimated by the Prime Minister today in Davos."source

If you can recall in previous post, a proposal in changing the selection criteria or Points System of Canada in its Federal Skilled Workers program was published in the last publications.

In it, a change in the selection of skilled workers (ex. Welder's, Plumbers, Electricians, etc) were noted. A more fairer way to gauge their proficiency in English and putting value in their work experience were mentioned.

Changes in the Permanent Residents Visa programs in Canada can not be avoided, as Canada would constantly adjust it to meet the standards the they need to meet the demands of their economy, that is why I would recommend that individuals interested to immigrate, not to delay their decisions in applying.

The only way for you to take advantage of a certain program is when you are still qualified.

In my previous post Get ready to Immigrate to Canada - Goodnews might be on its way for you, I have mentioned, that applicants who are serious about their plans to immigrate to Canada MUST! Be ready at all times, so that they can take advantage of an opportunity once it is presented to them.

To do this they must have their documents in order at all times, because the current opportunities for Canada are only for those who are serious about their plans, that they prepare for it ahead of time.

Be Ready at all times, give us a call and we will tell you how you can do this.

Opportunities come and they go, if you miss your chance it may never present itself again. Do not regret knowing you had the option to Canada, but you did not do anything about it to grab the opportunity of a lifetime.
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You can read Citizenship and Immigration Minster, Jason Kenny's speech by clicking this link.

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