Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP)

If you are considering applying under the Federal Skilled Workers program, but your occupation is currently not on the list of Eligible occupations but you have friends and relatives in Manitoba Canada, then you may consider applying under the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program or MPNP.

Basically, you need somebody from Manitoba to Nominate you to the province.

Successful applicants who's nomination will get approved by the province will receive a Manitoba Provincial Nomination Certificate, which will speed-up the Canada Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa application process.

Under the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP), you may qualify under one of the following


Manitoba PNP Priority Assessment Stream

There are four different streams under this Category.

Manitoba Employer Direct Stream - Applicants must be able to demonstrate that they will live in Manitoba for good. Under this stream, you the applicant must already be working in Manitoba on a Temporary Work Permit for at least 6 months and have a permanent job offer from the employer that you are working for.

It is required that the employer:

Proves that his unable to fill the position with a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident;
Is offering full time, permanent position; and
Offers compensation consistent with regional wages and existing collective bargaining agreements of Manitoba Canada.

Manitoba Regular International Student Stream - You as the Applicant must:
Have graduated from a post-secondary program in Manitoba of at least one year;

Have successfully applied for a post-graduation work permit from Citizenship and Immigration Canada which means that being a graduate alone is not enough for this category, you must have a Post-Graduation Work Permit; and currently working in Manitoba and have received a full-time, permanent employment offer from the employer you are working for.

Manitoba International Student Strategic Initiative- You as the Applicant must:
Have graduated or are eligible to graduate from a post-secondary program in Manitoba of at least two academic years, post secondary means a college program; and must have already registered for Manitoba Immigration's employment readiness program.

Manitoba Family Support Stream - Applicants must have an Affidavit of Support from a close relative living in Manitoba (a parent, child, sibling, cousin, niece/nephew, aunt/uncle, or grandparent), and must meet the following minimum criteria:

age between 21 to 49;
Have a minimum of a 1 year post-secondary education or training program with diploma, certificate or degree;
Have a minimum of two years work experience over the past five years; and
Have sufficient language skills to be employable upon arrival in Manitoba.

Manitoba PNP General Stream
If you do not qualify under the Priority Assessment stream, you may still apply if you are eligible for the General Stream, which works on a points system.

You also must provide one of the following:

Proof of a close family member in Manitoba; or
Two Affidavits of Support from distant relatives or close friends in Manitoba; If you only have one friend but is married and both of the couples are working the wife or husband of the friend can sign the affidavit of support to complete the nomination or
Evidence of a completed education program in Manitoba (non-language training) or;
Proof of at least six months previous full-time work in Manitoba.

Assessment in the General Stream is based on a Point System.

To be considered you must score at least 55 points as assessed by a MPNP program office according the MPNP General Stream Criteria.

Factors considered in the assessment

Education or training
Work Experience
Language Ability
Social support in Canada
If you have previous education or work experience in Manitoba Canada

If you have relatives or friends in Manitoba, and want to be assessed you can email your resume to with the following subject: Manitoba assessment.

In the letter indicate the following:

Degree of relation to the Relative - (be specific ex. Fathers brother, Mothers Cousin...)
Where your relatives or friends settled in Canada.

Manitoba PNP Immigration Program for Business
To qualify as a Manitoba Business Nominee, you as the applicant must have previously visited Manitoba, and have the intent to establish a business in the province, you must:

Have a minimum personal net worth of CDN $350,000;
Make a minimum equity investment in Manitoba of CDN $150,000;
Demonstrate at least 3 years of business experience or extensive experience in senior management of a successful company; and Supply a CDN $75,000 deposit to the Government of Manitoba, guaranteeing the establishment or purchase of a business in Manitoba within 2 years of obtaining a Permanent Resident Visa. The deposit is returned without interest once the proposed business and investment in Manitoba have been undertaken and the nominee is living in Manitoba.

Manitoba Young Farmer Nominee Program
This category is designed for experienced young farmers who wants to become permanent Residents of Manitoba Canada (principal applicants must be under 40 years of age) who wish to enter into farming ventures in Manitoba. Applicants must make an exploratory visit to Manitoba for at least 7 days prior to application. To qualify under the program, applicants must:

Have a minimum personal net worth of CDN$150,000 (after relocation to Manitoba);
Make a minimum equity investment of CDN$150,000 in Manitoba;
Have a minimum of 3 years of farm ownership or farm management experience; and
Principle applicant must be under 40 years of age.

Manitoba PNP Strategic Recruitment Initiatives
Strategic Recruitment Initiatives are undertaken at the discretion of the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program - MPNP in accordance with the needs of the MPNP and its available resources. This category considers applicants who:

Have received a letter of invitation to apply from the MPNP as part of an MPNP targeted promotional initiative;
Are an adult dependent of an approved Provincial Nominee who does not meet the criteria to be included on the nominee's application; or Have the support of an ethnocultural community organization or a regional economic development organization in Manitoba that will help candidates arrange an exploratory visit that has been pre-
approved by the MPNP.

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