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Friday, January 27, 2012

Criminal Inadmissibility

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Part of the application process for securing a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa or any form of Canada Visa, is to determine an applicants criminal inadmissibility.

Criminal Inadmissibility means a person or applicant for any Canada Visa, will not be admitted or given permission to enter Canada because they have committed or have been convicted of a crime in, or outside Canada.

So what makes an applicant Criminally inadmissible to enter Canada?

This is one of the questions that sometimes comes up when I discuss a particular Canada Visa process for Canada to an inquiry.

For this I would like to direct your attention to a part of the Citizenship and Immigration Canada's website,, that answers will aim to answer all your questions regarding criminal Inadmissibility which includes answers to questions like:

"I have been charged with a crime but my trial is still under way. Will I be allowed to enter Canada?

No. You are considered criminally inadmissible if:

you have a trial under way;
there is a warrant out for your arrest;
you have charges pending against you; or
an officer has credible information that you committed an offence outside Canada.

When am I eligible to apply for rehabilitation?

You are eligible to apply for rehabilitation if:

you committed a crime outside Canada (for which you were not charged) and five years have passed since or you were convicted of a crime outside Canada and five years have passed since the end of your sentence..."

To know more read from the source ( by clicking on the following link:

Criminal Inadmissibility for Canada Visa applications.

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