Parent Grandparent Super Visa issued

Last December 19, 2011 the first Parent Grandparent Super Visa was issued, as announced by Citizenship and Immigration Canada Minister Jason Kenny.

“We pledged to process the Parent and Grandparent Super Visa in less than eight weeks,” the Minister noted. “We’ve issued the first of the Super Visas in just two weeks and we remain committed to reuniting families through the Super Visa in a timely manner.”

The Parent and Grandparent Super Visa was launched as an option for parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents looking to visit their families in Canada for an extended period of time. The process for getting a Super Visa is simple and straightforward. Super Visa seekers use the same application form as applicants for the standard six-month visitor visa. Applicants for the Super Visa must also submit proof that the host child or grandchild meets a minimum income, demonstrate that they have purchased comprehensive Canadian medical insurance and undergo the Immigration Medical Examination.

The Parent Grand Parent super Visa is part of the initiative of Citizenship and Immigration Canada to unify Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents in Canada.

You can read about the requirements of this special Canada Visa application by clicking on the following link, Canada Super Visa.

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