delay in Canada Immigrants Visa application

Due to the current delay in the Canada Immigrants Visa application our company Canadian Immigration Consultancy, has been sending continuous follow up to the Canadian Embassy in Manila.

The following are excerpts of the reply letter that the Embassy has sent to our Authorized representative/Lawyer, Atty. John Weisdorf, explaning why there is a current delay in the Canada Immigrants Visa application.

"For your information, I am providing you with some additional background
information regarding the cause of the extended processing times. I hope
that you will find this information satisfactory in responding to your
questions and concerns.

Changes to immigration law in 2008 allow Citizenship and Immigration Canada
(CIC) to set, through Ministerial Instructions (MI), the number and type of
applications considered for processing each year, and the order in which
these applications will be processed.

Under the first set of instructions (MI-1) CIC used this new authority under
immigration law to control the type of applications received, but not the
number. The number of applications received exceed the ability to process
them in a timely way. CIC introduced caps on June 26, 2010 on the FSW
program as part of the second MI. CIC has limited the intake of new FSW
applications to better match the number CIC can actually process within the
annual levels plan tabled in Parliament. FSW applications under the second
MI are processed on a priority basis.

CIC has received enough FSW applications since February 27, 2008 to reach
immigration levels for the next two years. Unfortunately, it will take
longer to process those submitted under the first set of instructions
(between February 27, 2008 and June 25, 2010) than originally projected.
This number represents more than twice the number of projected admissions
under the program in 2011. Therefore, few applications received before
February 27, 2008 (processed in the order they are received) are expected to
be processed this year or next.

CIC’s goal is to make the immigration system more responsive to labour
market needs. By giving priority to FSW applications received on or after
June 26, 2010, CIC is responding to the most urgent labour market needs
first. The length of time it takes to finalize an application under this
program varies from one visa office to another since visa offices face
different challenges. CIC continues to work towards global service standards
and the use of departmental standard forms to minimize such regional
variations as much as possible.

Marnie Smith
Supervisor, Skilled Worker Unit
Superviseure, Section des travailleurs qualifiés
Canadian Embassy / Ambassade du Canada
Manila / Manille"

We have tried to follow up each and every application but the Canadian Embassy has already gave their reply, the current delay is because of their sets of priorities.

This does not mean however that the current delay in Canada Immigration Visa application, that you maybe experiencing, is because your application is already denied/disapproved. All applications although delayed are still being processed.

This may not be what we like to hear but we really do not have a choice about the matter except to wait.

There are somethings to note however, out of all the applications we are processing, no applicant was too delayed that their Medical results expired. All applicants who has had Medical already are given a Visa before the validity of the result expires.

At present those who applied under the Ministerial Instruction 2 - 29 in demand occupations may get their Visa's faster (approx. 6 to 8 months) than those who applied on the later part of the Ministerial Instruction 1 - 38 High Demand occupations (approx. 10 to 12 months).

Those who applied in the old process (November 2004 until February 26, 2008) are currently processed within 7 years.

If you are one of those who is waiting for the next step who's application are processed within the old system, we greatly recommend that you review for the IELTS Exam this maybe required of you.

Relatively, the new list of eligible occupations is expected to be published within July 2011. For those of you who wants to capitalize in this fast and easy process or just want to find out your chances for Canada, please log in to our Free Online Assessment <--- by clicking this link.

For those who were processed in the 38 In demand occupations waiting for the next instruction while waiting you may want to know about the requirements on your Canadian License, please read FCRO.


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