On Canada VISA IELTS Requirement - Genenral Training or Academic, One Year or Two Years

Because of the constant changes in the Federal Skilled Workers application processing system, a lot of applicants are confused about the programs International English Language Testing System - IELTS, Language Test requirement - IELTS.

The current confusion has to do with the type of IELTS Test to take - Is it General Training Module of Academic?

As well as to the validity of exam results - Is it 1 year or 2 years?

If you regularly check the Website of Citizenship and Immigration Canada, you will see that an announcement:

Which means that the previous instruction the the Centrallized Intake Office will only receive IELTS results that is a year from the date that it was taken is superseded.

On the otherhand, the Citizenship and Immigration of Canada's rule that they will accept both types IELTS Academinar and IELTS General Training module, is also superseded.

At present they will only receive IELTS General Training Module.

Moreover a lot of applicants often ask me through text-sms, the question, What is the total Band Score that I need to pass the Assessment of the Canadian Visa Office handling my application?

And I often tell them that the points or scores an applicant needs is dependent in their present circumstance.

If you still do not know about the Selection Criteria in the Federal Skilled Workers application for Permanent Residents Visa, Please click on the following link:

Selection Criteria - Points System

In a nutshell, an applicant needs at least 67 points to pass the assessment.

If you are aware of the Selection Criteria factors, you will find out that a single applicant, may have different target scores that a married applicant.

Let me explain.

Most of you knows that IELTS is scored between 0 to 9 points.

The points does not directly relate to the Language Criteria points you need.

IELTS for Canada Immigration purposes or use, does not rely on the Total Band Score that an applicant will get in his or her IELTS results.

Rather the individual tests which are Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.

A single applicant, with only 1 college degree, 4 years work experience in the 29 in Demand Occupation no relative in Canada normally needs the full 16 points for the Language Criteria.

To get the full 16 points, the single applicant needs to get scores in the individual tests within a bracket.


Reading- 6.5 to 9
6.5 to 9
Speaking- 6.5 to 9
Listening- 7.5 to 9

The equivalent of these scores in the Selection Criteria is 4 points each. That is why client gets four points in each test if he or she gets scores in the bracket I have illustrated above which totals to 16 points.

Reading- 4
Speaking- 4
Listening- 4

Total = 16 points

The next bracket and corresponding equivalent is as follows:

Reading- 5.0 to 6 = 2
5.5 to 6 = 2
Speaking- 5.5 to 6 = 2
Listening- 5.5 to 7 = 2

Total = 8 points

A married applicant or with common law partner who both has college education, at least 4 years work experience in the 29 in demand list would need at least 2 6.5's in either Reading - Writing - Speaking and most not have scores lower than 5.5

To know more about the requirements and what they mean, please email your concern to jaraneta@go2canada.com

Important Note: IELTS General Training Module is mandatory in proving your language proficiency - or English Proficiency; TEF: Test d’évaluation de français is for proving your French Proficiency if applicable.

Certifications from other sources or people that you know the English language is no longer accepted a proof of your proficiency in the language.


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