Canada Visa Application while working abroad

While others may seem content with their lives as Overseas Foreign Workers where they earn much much more than what they would normally make in the Philippines, Cherlita Bacolot had other ideas.

As a nurse, she have been given the opportunity to work at Abu dhabi but she always dreamed of being together with her family while having better income opportunities, that was why she inquired about Immigrating to Canada, by filling out the on-line assessment form of our Company (Canadian Immigration Consultancy, way back 2006.

At that time the processing period for a Permanent Residents Visa application took 6 years, so she got discouraged.

It was not until November 2008, when she learned about the revision in the Federal Skilled Workers-Permanent Residents Visa application for Canada, where eligible applicants will get their application results within 6 months to a year, that her interest was rekindled.

Since Cherlita was at abroad, she sent her husband Gil Bacolot to the office to inquire about the program. When they saw the requirements needed it almost made them decide no to apply anymore because the Canadian Government required a lot of documents.

With proper planning, I was able to show them how they would be able to comply all the requirements even with their busy schedules, so early 2009 they started the contract to engage in our services.

It was not easy, as Mr. Gil, was also an executive at a lending company that he works with.

Despite all that, we were able to file their application to the Centralized Intake Office, with the expertise of our documentations department, they were able to get a Positive assessment from the CIO.

Then April 24, 2009, we submitted their full Application Package to the Canadian Embassy.

Along the way, we experienced a bump in their application when Gil Bacolot, was required to submit his police clearance for his previous work experience in Saudi Arabia 22 years ago.

Since he no longer had his documents at that time, it was difficult to provide this requirement.

But as they say, if you persists, you will get what you want.

That is why on October 10, 2009, they got their Medical Notice.

At that time, Cherlita had her Medical Exam at Abu Dhabi, while the rest of the family had theirs in Metro Manila.

March 201o they got their Visa Notice, at this point Cherlita decided to go back to the Philippines and wait for their Visa after they sent their passports to the Embassy.

Last May 13, 2010, their Visa's was released, at present the entire Family is already in Canada.


This can be your story too...

A parents love for their children is immeasurable. I can still remember when my late Father would say, "study hard, a good education is the only inheritance that I can leave you", this was because in my time, having a college Education was an edge - that will help me in my chances of having a better quality of life.

I was born poor, my parents sacrificed a lot to get me to college, and I am forever grateful.

Question is at present, will a college Education guarantee your chances of having a better quality of life? Take a look at what is happening at present? Does your children stand a chance?

With our current circumstances in the Philippines, it is really hard to tell.

This is maybe the reason why, both Cherlita and Gil Bacolot still applied to Immigrate to Canada, because they want to take - "giving their children a better quality
of life " - to the next level.

You see, it will not be easy for them to start their carriers in Canada, all over again.

Wanting to give a better future for their Children is more important for them compared to the hardships that they had to bear in starting their life a new in Canada.

With the social benefits for a Permanent Resident in Canada they are certain that the lives of their children will be better off financially, at least, as compared to their lives in the Philippines.

Their do not have the option to Immigrate to Canada even if they want to, this is because they still lack the necessary work experience to become eligible for the 6 months to a year Immigration program.

Their Children can always go back to the Philippines if they want to, but it was Cherlita and Gil Bacolot who gave them the option to Immigrate to Canada.

How much do they love their Children? I would say with out a doubt, that they love their children very much.

If like them, you also want to immigrate in Canada and would like to find out if you are qualified, please click on this On-line Assessment Form link.

Should you already know that you are qualified because you have experience in the In Demand List of Eligible occupations , you should start your application right now or else you will be risking your eligibility!

If you delay your application and the regulation changes again, you will no longer be able to apply.


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