Melissa Chavez's application story

As the years pass by, I sometimes can not remember the first day that a clients visits our office to inquire about their options for Canada.

Not in the case of Melissa Chavez, a Financial Officer in one of the well known Telecommunications company of the Philippines.

For reason's that her first visit to our office is also the first day of operation of our Branch at the SM Mall of Asia.

My first impression of Ms. Mellisa is that of a very reserved person for reasons that she had very few concerns during our discussion, which quickly changed when, right after the orientation she decided to start her application on the same day.

Despite her overflowing workload, she managed to find the time to complete all her documents, she is probably one of the best clients that I have had, I did not encounter any complaints from her, nor did I her her tell me any apprehensions for her application, when I ask her for a document, she complies right away.

That is why on May 20, 2009 we were able to file her application to the Centralized Intake Office (CIO) in Nova Scotia.

At that time, the applicants were allowed to file their applications even without proving that they could comply with the documents for the second stage. Which actually means that she filed her application, even though she still did not have her IELTS Results, Work, Education, Identity and Civil Status Documents, etc.

Melissa's application, is far from perfect even before we started she knew that necessary steps needed to be taken to make her become eligible for the revised Federal Skilled Workers application.

For one, the work certifications that she had at the time did not correspond to the list of eligible occupations. Good thing that the editors of the company I work with-Canadian Immigration Consultancy was able to illustrate her real duties well which made her get a Positive assessment from the CIO.

Religiously, she provided us with the complete set of required documents which allowed us to file her application to the Canadian Embassy in Manila within the allowed time frame.

Her diligence paid of well last January 21, 2010 we received her Medical Notice

Visa Notice on March 24, 2010

And finally her Visa was Released - April 30, 2010

Now I know that first impressions shouldn't be a basis to determine the characteristics of a person.

For what I mistook as being reserved turned out to be a person with great determination. Mellisa Chavez is probably one of my favorite clients for very specific reason, in one occasion I asked her in front of an audience, which she did not like at all, "Mam", Applying for an Immigrants Visa as it turns out, requires investment in both time and money, do you have both?", with out even blinking she automatically answered me, "Wala!"

So I asked her, "so how did you manage to get your Visa then?", to which she calmly answered, "Di ko alam, all I know is if you want to get an immigrants Visa you should not make any excuses you should do what is necessary to make that happen for you." What can I say, she said it all.
This can be your story too....

If you want to get an immigrants Visa, I will repeat, you should do what is necessary to make it happen for you. No excuses.

Moreover, you should start your application right away, when you find out that you are qualified for the program.

At present, there is a new set of eligible occupations for processing labeled as, the 29 in demand occupation.

Financial Managers are no longer in the list, it was a good thing that Ms.Chavez applied when she did because if she haven't done so and delayed her application, she can no longer apply in the present regulation.

If you want to find out if your are qualified fill out this form ---- Online Assessment form.

On the other hand if you have already been assessed and know that you are qualified, you should start right now, otherwise you will be risking your eligibility or worst throwing away your opportunity.

It is really your choice.

Learn your options!

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