Live and Work in Canada

One of the eligible occupations in the list of 38 high demand occupations, that caught my attention early on, when the Federal Skilled Workers (FSW) Visa application was revised last February 2008, is 9212: Supervisors, Petroleum, Gas and Chemical Processing and Utilities, why this is so, is because if you click the link you will see that that employment requirements for this occupation in Canada is completion of secondary school.

Which makes applicants under this occupation who works in the Philippines very competitive when they have the chance to become Permanent Residents in Canada because to be a supervisor in the Philippines in any industry, usually requires you to be a college graduate.

My client and friend, Helena Visaya was able to apply for the FSW application because she has extensive experience in this occupation within the last 10 years.

Helen, always wanted to go to Canada, when most of her friends from a company she worked with went to Canada but the circumstances that she had then did not permit her to continue with her plan.

But as the good book says, "
Everything has its own time, and there is a specific time for every activity under heaven - Ecclesiastes 3:1".

It was last Jul 10, 2009 when we sent her application to the Centralized intake office

Positive Assessment - Sep 10, 2009

Medical Notice - Dec 16, 2009

Visa Notice - Apr 19, 2010

Visa - Apr 8, 2010

Whenever I think about how we processed her application, I would always be reminded by my bad timing whenever I give her updates.

Like one time, I called her to inform her about her Medical Notice, and listened to her cry because her Mom passed away.

Or when I called her about her Visa Notice and she was with her friends, and she cried again.

My intentions for the call was always good, but I seemed to always make her shed her tears.

On April 9, 2010 I gave her Visa, and on this day am happy to note that Helen was all smiles not a trace of tear can be seen at the corner of her eyes.

At present, Helen is already in Canada.

This can be your story too, if you have work experience in
9212: Supervisors, Petroleum, Gas and Chemical Processing and Utilities, for at least 4 years you too can get your Permanent Residents Visa for Canada!

But you should apply right now!

Take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity!

Otherwise it will be too late...

Have your credentials assessed, fill out the On-line Application form.

If you already know that you are qualified find the time to visit the office or we can do everything over the Internet.


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