Beverly Fernandez reuniting with her loved ones

Beverly Fernandez, Jay Araneta

Beverly Fernandez a Nurse and a College Instructor, is one of my clients who has a unique situation.

In their family, she is the only one left in the Philippines, because the rest of her Family are already in Canada. During the time that her parents applied for PR Visa for Canada, she was already passed the dependent age, and was no longer included in her Family application. When the Visa of her parents application came out, she was the only member in the Family without a Visa, which meant that she was left behind.

When she first came to me for advice, she told me that she has had previous applications that were not successful.

It may be luck or something else that pushed her to come to me this time, because both her work experiences, being a Nurse and a Clinical Instructor, are pare of the list of 38 High Demand Occupations eligible to apply for the Federal Skilled Workers (FSW) program for PR Visa in Canada.

She came to the right place, her application did not present any obstacle for her to get the Visa.

We filed her application last Sep 2, 2009
Received her Positive Assessment - Nov 4, 2009
Got her Medical Notice - Dec 16, 2009
Visa Notice was received - Mar 5, 2010
Visa Issued - Apr 9, 2010

The untainted smile on Beverly Fernandez's face was easily captured in the camera when I personally gave her visa last April 9, 2007.

And we were overwhelmed with joy that we helped her be reunited with the rest of her family in Canada.

Beverly Fernandez is already in Canada

This can be your story too...

Do you want to get a Permanent Residents Visa for Canada like Beverly Fernandez?

If you have the Education and 4 years work experience in the list of 38 high demand occupations, then like Beverly, you too can became a Permanent Resident of Canada.

It is your opportunity and your choice.

We at Canadian Immigration Consultancy are certain that we can help you in your plan, but whether you should apply or not depends on whether or not you want to help yourself.

The Regulations are expected to change, the only sure way that you can take advantage of the 6 to 12 months processing time is by applying while the conditions are still in your favor.

If you delay your application and the regulation changes you will no longer be able to apply.


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