Who is your Hero?

The Philippines, a the land of Heroes.

A land filled with people who has learned to sacrifice their comfort zones just so they could provide a better life for the people they love, their families.

Overseas Filipino Worker's (OFW), the government has given them the title (Hero) because of the remittances that they send back to the Philippines which helps the Economy.

Popular statistics tells us that there are approximately around 8 to 11 million Filipino's working outside of the Philippines.

If being a hero is measured by the degree of hard sacrifice that an individual has to undergo to help his family, then I could not agree with the Government more, OFW are no ordinary Heroes I would probably call them Superheroes.

The power they possess?

The extraordinary ability to repress their longing to see their children grow up, to be with them when they first start talking, walking; to abstain from feeling their Wifes or Husband's comfort and warmth, to be with their loved ones- in special moments and occasions that is enjoyed by those who live amongst Families and Friends.

Brazing the hot Saudi whether, taking care of other peoples children, tending to the sick-the elderly in the cold climate of the UK; they do what they can in the hope of providing a better quality of life for their loved ones.

But is this really how we define what a better quality of Life is?

If you have a better option, one where you can be with your family, enjoy benefits such as a bigger salary, free health care for yourself and your family, where the government offers to share in the cost of your children's upbringing, where you will be assured that your retirement will be enough; will you take this option?

Why not?

Divina(a Nurse) and Jojit Tan prefers the later option than the first one.

That is why on February 6, 2009 they went to our office and started their application for Permanent Residents Visa for Canada under the revised Federal Skilled Workers Program, where an applicant can get their Visa results within 6 to 12 months.

12 months after they got their Permanent residents Visa for Canada.

Which means that they will not only have better opportunities to earn more, they will also enjoy the Canadian Government funded Benefits while living together as a family.

Their friends and relatives were all wondering why they still considered Immigrating to Canada, when they are already financially stable in the Philippines.

Which made me ask them the same question.

"We want to give the best possible options for our Kids", was Jojit's and Divina's reply.

Not just a better option or not even just a good option, but the best.

There was a time when Divina Tan told me, that she is certain that Canada was really meant for them, because she felt that there was divine intervention at work when the problems they faced in the course of their application was mysteriously solved and I believe her, seeing how they cared for their children by weighing what they were willing to give up makes me certain that their noble deeds will not go unnoticed and will definitely be rewarded.

Leaving the Philippines, is probably the most difficult decision that this couple made.

But their commitment for insuring that their kids has the best possible options is so great, that they were willing to leave the comfort of the place that they were used to and go to an adventure in immigrating to Canada even if it meant that they will have to start over again.

Jojit and Divina Tan left for Canada last May 22, 2010, in my last call to them they bade their goodbyes and thanked us for the assistance, but it is actually I that is very thankful.

Thankful for the chance of knowing them, like most of my clients who makes the ultimate sacrifice for the future of their children, Divina and Jojit Tan are my heroes.

"Thank you Sir Jojit and Mam Divina for giving me a chance to know you, I hope that you keep in touch".

This can be your story too...

If like Divina and Jojit Tan, you also have plans of Immigrating to Canada, you should apply right away, the list of 38 high demand occupations may change soon. If it does and your occupations was omitted you will loose this opportunity of a lifetime

If you want to find out if you are eligible to apply have your credentials assessed by filling out the On-line Assessment Form in this blog (click on link to fill out form) and I will be happy to assess your chances and email you your options.

If you have been assessed and was favorable assessed, you have to start right now.

Give us a Call, visit our office or attend our VISA PARTY! And learn how to address the problems that are keeping you from starting your application!


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