Immigration Plan for Canada Visa

For two years now, I have been processing Canada Visa applications under the revised Federal Skilled Workers application, for those individuals who needs help on their Immigration Plan for Canada.

Even though every applicant has different Visa application stories they all share something in common; they know that an application for Permanent Residents Visa for Canada is something that you work hard on, if you want to get it.

That Permanent Resident Visa's don't fall on trees.

That to be successful in your application, an Immigration Plan for your Canada Visa is necessary.

Consider the case of Ms. Jaqueline Zeta Torio for example.

It is not by any accident that she finished her Bachelors Degree in Accountancy, became a Certified Public Accountant, became certified by CIAT - Canada as a Certified Accounting Technician, was able to find employment in companies like Unilever Philippines, Inc. and Deutsche Bank Group, and get a Permanent Residents Visa for Canada at age 26.

A wise man once said that,

"People do not plan to Fail, they Fail to Plan".

How Jaqueline Zeta Torio got her Permanent Residents Visa, is due to the following:

- Wanting to Immigrate in Canada, she went to us to find out about her options

- Knowing that her Education and Work Experience made her eligible to apply for the Federal Skilled Workers program, she made a decision to apply.

- Acknowledging the challenges that she had to overcome she set out a concrete plan - to start with her Permanent Residents Visa application while the Immigration Regulation was still in her favor; determine the obstacles that lay ahead of her goal and find ways to overcome them.

That is why on...

April 6, 2009 we filed her application to the Centralized Intake Office in Sydney, Nova Scotia Canada

As a result we received her Positive Assessment - May 15, 2009 which also prompted us to ready the necessary documentations for the Full application Package that we will eventually submit at the Canadian Embassy within the 120 days allowance that was given to us.

The plan was simple, since she is still single, we had to make good use of the 120 days allowance that was given to us, because we have to be certain that she gets the 67 points passmark to get the PR Visa for Canada, under Citizenship and Immigration Canada's Selection Criteria/Points System.

The key to most single applicants who does not have double degrees in college and first degree relatives in Canada, is to get the full 16 points for the English Proficiency in the Language Criteria of the points system.

Which meant that if Jaqueline could get the full points, she will get her PR Visa for Canada.

To achieve this, she would have to get the following scores,
per area, for her International English Language Testing System (IELTS):

Reading - 6.5
Writting - 6.5
Listening - 7.5
Speaking - 6.5

That is why right after filing Jaqueline's application to the CIO, we encouraged her to take the English examination (IELTS) to prove her Language Proficiency right away.

So that she would still have the time to retake it, if ever she would not get the prescribed results to make her application successful.

As it turns out, our plan proved to be effective, because Jaqueline did not get the points she needed the first time she took the exam.

So she re-took the examination, but was unsuccessful yet again.

Sad and confused, she called me up and asked what she had to do, she already wanted to give up at this point of her application.

That was why I encouraged her to retake the IELTS exam for the third time, you see I knew Jacqueline could get the points she needed.

I did not believe that she did not have what it took to get the full 16 points for the English Proficiency criteria, for the following reasons:

1. She was able to finish her College degree
2. Was able to pass her CPA exam
3. Worked in Companies who used English as the medium of communication, regularly.
4. Had clients, colleagues and superiors who has no choice but to use English to communicate their needs and requirements.

I knew for certain, that with enough practice, the right conditions and correct mindset Jaqueline, will get the scores that she needs.

With a little push, she agreed to retake the IELTS for the third time.

While waiting for her English Examination results we submitted her Full Visa Package - August 15, 2009 to the Canadian Embassy in Manila.

On December 8, 2009, we submitted, Jaqueline's IELTS Results:

Listening - 7.5
Reading - 6.5
Writing - 6.5
Speaking - 7.5

As it turns out, my faith in Jaqueline's abilities were right, after all...

On January 26, 2010 she got her Medical Notice

On April 6, 2010, at CIC office we gave her, her Permanent Residents Visa for Canada.

Jaqueline Zeta Torio's application experience may not have been easy, but with a good plan, determination and persistence she got what she wanted.

At present, Jaqueline, now belongs to a minority, an Elite group of people who knows a simple yet important truth.

Only you can make your dreams come true.

And because she worked hard for her Permanent Residents Visa for Canada, getting it may have been a hundred times more fulfilling for her.

She had a choice, to give up at the first sign of difficulty, but if you know her like I do, you too would say that she is meant to get the Visa.

That considering her credentials, education and work experience, she not only deserves getting a Permanent Residents Visa, it is part of her inherent rights.

If you want to be like Jaqueline, you too should already start preparing your plans to achieve your goals.

If you want to be successful in your application you have to act TODAY!

At present, "Jakieeee" as she wants to be called, is getting ready to leave for British Columbia for this coming June 2010.

Congratulations Mam Jakieee, you deserve all the blessing that you received, and all the blessing that is yet to come.

Thank you for giving me something to write about, thank you in behalf of all the other applicants that you will inspire with your story. :) ...


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