New High demand occupations in Canada

As consultations are currently on its way to review the present process for the Immigration programs in Canada. It is possible that the list of High Demand occupations - Jobs, eligible for processing in the Federal Skilled Workers program will change.

Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister has announced in the Media Released portion of the Canadian Government Website, that due to the emerging changes in the Economy in Canada, it is high time for the process to also change.

These changes may mean a lot of things. It may mean that we will soon see a new set of High Demand Jobs in Canada. It may also mean that the current list may be retained with new occupations to be included.

What occupations will be included in the New list of high demand occupations we do not know, but speculating on it, you have check the current list of Occupations under pressure in the Human Resource and Skills Development Canada Website -

what you should do is to look for common occupations needed in all regions, the may be a good basis for the occupations that we should expect in the new list of high demand occupations.

When the new list will be published, again we do not know, but if we base it on the last time the regulation changed, we have a maximum of about 6 months to date, before it changes. This is the same timeframe, that they used up when they changed the old process last February 2008.

What you should do?

If your occupation is currently in the high demand list, it is to your advantage to start your application right now.

If your occupation is not yet in the high demand list, you should ready all your documents so that when the occupation list changes you will be ready to apply.

The safest way to take advantage of the current program is to start your application right now, before the new high demand occupation in Canada changes.


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