Jobs in Canada right now

If you are looking for Jobs in Canada, you should be aware that there are proper channels that you have to go through before you get the Visa to go to Canada and the Permit to work in Canada.

To understand the process, you should click on the following Links, explaining what an LMO is or an AEO.


To begin with, there are not that many Jobs in Canada that is because there is a difficulty for employers to process workers from outside of Canada.

They would have to prove that they can no longer find suitable skills in Canada to the Government in Canada before they can be allowed to hire from outside of Canada.

Please click on the following to understand what an Employer has to do to hire a Filipino worker to fill out a vacancy for a Job in Canada.

Hiring Filipino Worker

Lastly, this post is also to warn those who are looking for Jobs in Canada, that there are a lot of online scams, circulating in the Internet.

An example with be this scam:

Authorization Letter from Canadian Board of Immigration Lawyers

Greater Toronto
Law Offices of Charles W. Pley.
Address; 102, Sherwood Heights Drive Ontario, Canada.

Attention; On behalf of the immigration airport lawyers and board of directors.
An immigrant who is visiting Canada as a Tourist or invitation to visit any of the Canadian Hotel for work or Any Company, examination cannot be concluded at the port of entry by the officer, A visitor visa is a document or stamp in the passport (in most cases) which allows entry of a person into Canada as the person meets the requirements of the Act for the purpose of visiting Canada.

To read more about this and to read other samples of online scams about Jobs in Canada, please visit my this blog


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