Canada Benefits for your family

(Jay Araneta, Ernesto Halili, Barbette Halili and Children)

"it is true even if I had the option to work abroad( as a Nurse) then, I did not want to grab it if my family can not go with me, that is why we opted to immigrate in Canada. Actually, we already filed our Immigrant application way back 2006, but when the Citizenship and Immigration Canada revised the Federal Skilled Workers program a Permanent Residents Visa application Canada last November 2008, we opted to withdraw our old application and file another one in the new process. Free Education for the children of Immigrants is part of the Canada Benefits that we will receive when we immigrate to Canada.

To our surprise it only took 7 months and up 'til now we still can not believe it. A major reason why we opted to immigrate to Canada is because we want to give a better quality of life to our 3 kids as well as a good North American Education, we know that we can only give both of these to them, if we Immigrate to Canada."

This is what Barbette Halili told me, when I gave them their Canada Visa last February 20, 2010 when I gave them their Visa's with (5 visas).

Barbette and Ernesto Halili, like a lot of Filipino's was also dreaming of a better quality of life for their young family, but the similarity stops there.

Because unlike, most Filipinos, Ernesto and Barbette Halili will be living their dream, when they live for Canada on April 2010.

Why did they decide to apply?

They want their family to be together.

While they waited for the results of their first application, Ernesto was already working overseas and only gets to see his beloved family ones a year, on his vacation.

Happily, he accepted Permanent Residents Visa telling, me that it was a dream come true for him, to get his Canadian Permanent Residents Visa. He too, like most Overseas Filipino Workers - OFW's has paid the ultimate price of being separated from his Family, just so he can save, hoping that it would be enough secure his Families future.

But why be separated from your family when you have the option to work hard for your future, with a much higher probably of success and be with them at the same time?

Yes the Halili's are wise to make this decision for their family.

For when they land in Canada, not only will they receive a much higher income for their current Jobs, they will also receive Canada benefits for their family that are not part of those that they receive in the Philippines such as:

Free Health Care - one of the major reason for financial instability in the Philippines is health care. We see even in the advertisements, the popular line, "sa panahon ngayon bawal ang magkasakit", click on the link and find out why this is no longer a concern for the Halili's when they land in Canada.

Free Education - Probably one of the most dreaded expense of the parent, even if they try not to think about it at present, is the cost of Education, at present it is estimated that you will be spending millions in Pesos to send a child to college.

Why pay?

When most of the cost of Education of your children can be for Free in Canada.

Cost of raising your children - As your child grows older, it is of course your responsibility to raise them and provide a good quality of living, as they grow up.

Have you ever wished, that the Philippine government could help you, spend for the cost of raising your children? Yes, I know in a perfect world right?

Well, the Halili's will be enjoying a monthly allowance for all their kids as they grow older, when they raise them in Canada. This is known as the Canada Child Tax Benefit, click on the link to read more.

Probably, as you read this post, you would have already agreed that the Halili's are very wise to invest the money that they have spent for their applications.

The Canada Benefits mentioned, that you will receive for your family when you apply for a Permanent Residents Visa application for Canada, along with other benefits like better Retirement plan, Unemployment Income and others, allows Permanent Residents and Citizens of Canada a better chance of reaching financial stability, which will help them give their Families a better quality of life.

But, as wise as they smart, they did not want to take any chances, that is why they used a Consultancy Firm with more than 22 years in experience in helping Filipino's have a better quality of life for their families by Immigrating in Canada.

Our Company, Canadian Immigration Consultancy.

As the picture was take, the Halili's know that they still have a long way to go, Barbette will still have her credentials assessed via the Foreign Credentials Referral Office - FCRO, to determine if she is eligible to take the licensure exam that will allow her to practice her profession as a Nurse in Canada. She knows that she may have to accept entry level Jobs, at first, and so does Ernesto.

But the important thing for them is that they are already a step closer towards achieving their goals. They gladly take these challenges, and hope for the best by doing actions, or take sacrifices that will further increase their chances in reaching their dreams for their beloved children. While they still can, did not stop to do all that they can, to provide a better future for their Families.

Like most families, they pray to God, to guide them, and help them with their plans, but as I said since they are wise, they know that it would be easier for God to help them if they also help themselves.

Ang galing nila no?? "Hangga ako sa inyo Mam and Sir, Idol ko na po kayo!"

This can be your story too...

If you have the Education and 4 years work experience in the list of 38 high demand occupations, you too will have a great chance of getting an Immigrants Visa for your Family.

If you have been told, that you are qualified for this program, do not delay your application, start right now.

Today! If possible!

I keep reminding my clients, we can only help you while the conditions are still in your favor; while you are still qualified to apply.

If you delay it, and the FSW program changes again, and your occupation will be omitted from the list, it will be too late.

You will no longer be able to apply.

It is your opportunity, it is your choice, read the stories of the application, and you will see that it is not easy, but we can help you with the problems that you may experience along the way.

We want to help you get your Visa, but that is what we want for you.

How about you? What is it to you?

We were only able to help the Halili's with their applications because they were ready to help themselves.

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