Not just Nurses, College Instructors too!

(Visa Grantee MS. Joy Delfin with Ms. Evangeline Naron and Ms. Maribel Naron of CIC)

A lot of you may think that only Registered Nurse's applications for Permanent Residents Visa are being processed faster. That is why, here's a case of a College Instructor who received her visa six months after submission of supporting documents to Canadian Visa Office in Manila.

People never plan to fail. They just fail to plan. But Ms. Joy Delfin, a College Instructor, is different.

She wanted to go to Canada as a Permanent Resident. She went to us and together we made a plan. Pursued the plan up until she got the Visa.

Just like Mr. Bantugan(Visa Grantee of the previous post), Ms. Joy Delfin decided to file an application for Permanent Resident Visa through Federal Skilled Worker program despite being told that the process may take about 3-5 years. She filed her application on August 20, 2008 under the Simplified Application Process.

This was before the New Regulations for Federal skilled Worker applications was revised by the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Which was published only November of 2008.

To her surprise, Ms. Joy Delfin received a positive assessment from Centralized Intake Office (CIO) on Jan 17, 2009 and was able to submit her supporting documents right away, last May 12, 2009. On Nov 9, 2009, she received her Permanent Resident Visa for Canada.

You can only really take advantage of the current processing speed, while the conditions are still in your Favor. We can only really help you with your application when you are still qualified to apply.

If you have work experience in one or more occupations in the 38 high demand occupations, and is qualified in the Canadian Selection Criteria(Points System), there is no doubt that now is the best time for you to apply.

You will not regret getting a Permanent Residents Visa for Canada, but you may regret the time when you look back and think what might have it been if you did apply.

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