Canadian Orientation Seminar

Greetings from Canadian Immigration Consultancy!

We are happy to inform you that up until now, the regulations for immigration to Canada under the (Immigrate to Canada in 6 months, click on link to read about the program) application is still the same.

You may immigrate to Canada in 6 to 12 months!!

Being a Permanent Resident in Canada gives you access to social benefits the Canadian government provides for its residents and citizens such as FREE health care, FREE education, generous retirement benefits, unemployment benefits, child tax allowances, income opportunities and more...

If you have at least one year work experience within the last ten (10) years in any of the occupations listed in this link:

List of 38 High Demand Occupations

You may be eligible to apply for this once in a lifetime opportunity!

Learn your options!

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Check out your opportunities. Understand what could be in store for you and your family in search for a better and more secure future.

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