June 19, 2009 Visa Party

"They made a plan, pursued their dreams, overcame their difficulties and reap the fruits of their Labors, A Permanent Residents Visa for Canada. This can be your story too...

Here are some of the event highlights of the June 19, 2009 Visa Party held at second floor Max Restaurant at Baclaran.

More and more applicants are getting their Visa's for Canada as of the moment. Especially now that the Immigration application is Faster, due to the revised Federal Skilled Workers application for Canadian Permanent Residents Visa.

Under this new program, applicants not only get the chance to have an Immigrants Visa within 6 months to a year, they will also be subjected to easier application and benefit from a Canadian Permanent Visa program that is probably the least riskiest.

The Canadian Embassy is currently processing two batches of applications. Those who filed their applications since year 2004 until February 27, 2008; and those who filed their application last February 28, 2008 until present.

Of the two, those, who filed since 2004 will get their Immigration results longer than those who will apply right now.

Under the New Immigration process there are only 38 high demand occupations that are Illegible to apply. If you have at least 4 years work experience, one year of which falls under the 38 occupations then your chances of passing is great!

The CIC Visa Party Last June 19 had two batches of applicants who received their Visa's, naturally those who filed since 2004 were not so happy to hear that some of the people who got their Visa's only applied just lately, good thing they also got their Permanent Residents Visa at the same night.

If you are also within the list of 38 high demand occupations, and are considering an application for Canada, now is the best time to apply.

Like the Visa Grantees who got their Visa's last the June 19, 2009 Visa Party as illustrated in this blogpost, you t0o can fulfill your dream of living and working in Canada.

People never plan to fail. They just fail to plan.

Now, you have to ask yourself: What will be your situation five years from now? Do you see a bright future? How you plan to give your family a better quality of life?

Here's a suggestion. Send your resume to jaraneta@go2canada.com for FREE ASSESSMENT! Find out if you are eligible under the new Federal Skilled Worker Program. Unlike those clients who filed in 2004, you don't have to wait for five years to get your visa. Processing period is now faster for those included in the list of high demand occupations. You may immigrate to Canada within 6 to 12 months!

Dreaming for a better quality of life is one thing. Doing something to make it happen is another.

What is it gonna be?

At least find out your options, you owe it to yourself.

Attend our Orientation Seminars!

The seminar will teach you everything you need to know about the current opportunity for for Canada. It will also explain in detail what options are available to you. At the end of the seminar, a one on one discussion will take place assessing your qualifications and elaborating what you need to do to be able to start your application.

For seminar schedules please click on the link below:


For those who already had their credentials assessed, Start your Immigration application right now!


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