Immigration to Canada remains strong

Immigration to Canada remains strong Minister Kenney was quoted, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada,

“Canada is facing a long-term labour shortage so the government is not going to turn off the immigration tap only to have to turn it back on later”.

Immigration levels for 2009 remains at a target of letting 250,000 immigrants to Canada for this year.

This statement is in relation to the announcement made early this year that the number of occupations (read list of 38 high demand occupations), might be reduced considering the world wide economic problem resulting to soaring unemployment rate.

Having met with the Minister's Provincial and Territorial Counterparts, it has been decided that, Immigration to Canada should remain strong, for reasons that,

“There continue to be acute labour market shortages in certain businesses, certain industries and certain regions. And our government believes that the worst thing we could do during this time of economic difficulty is to starve those employers who are growing of the labour they need to fuel their prosperity.”
Although this new that Immigration to Canada remains strong, there still is a chance that the list of 38 high demand occupations will change as the Economy of Canada changes, that is why it is highly suggested that Immigration hopefuls apply while the conditions are in their favor.

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