IELTS is an acronym for the International English Language Testing System. As it implies, this is an exam used to measure the ability of an individual to communicate in English. It aims to assess the listening, reading, writing and speaking skills of anybody who wishes to take the test. This is normally taken by individuals who wish to stay, live, work and study in a place where English is the first language.

Since it was first offered in 1989 and until present, this test IELTS, has been a proven and trusted standard test to measure true to life ability to communicate in English. More than 6,000 education Institutions, faculties, government agencies and professional organizations around the world recongnises IELTS scores as valid and trusted indicator of the ability of the person to communicate in English.

This too is the test being used for proving ones proficiency in English for Canada in applicants for Immigration or Permanent Residents Visa's.

If you want to read more about IELTS and Canada Immigration you may read IELTS and Canada Immigration.


Sweet Blessed said…

I want to apply for a student visa in Canada, Is IELTS the only language exam to be taken , I was under the impression it was TOFEL and SAT as the prerequisite to apply. Wondering if you could shed some light. Thanks..

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