Canadian Employers options

Because of the growing economical crisis worldwide. You as a Canadian Employer might experience problems with hiring employees from outside Canada.

Due to the Fact that the unemployment rate in Canada is getting higher. The normal tendency of the Human and Resource and Social Development Canada (HRSDC) is to prioritize the employment of Canadian Residents and Citizens alike thereby giving more strict requirements in securing the Labor Market Opinion.

There are other options in getting employees from outside Canada but this time also supporting their Immigration applications:

These options require minimal advertising requirements, in others even no advertising requirements.

1. Provincial Nomination Programs(PNP)

Each province has its set of programs that will help the individual migrate and eventually work in Canada.

The employer can help the applicant by nominating the would be worker to the PNP program.

To give you a better understanding of different programs per province, you may read

Provincial Nominee program (PNP) - Fast Immigration to Canada

2. Arranged Employment Opionion

Another option that the employer can consider is the Arranged Employment Opinion. Under this Canadian program, the employer can give an employment offer to the would be worker. The good thing about this option is that the employer does not have to make any advertising initiatives.

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What's great about this two options is that the employer under this programs does not need to spend for the processing of the employees application as compared to the LMO where under the laws of Canada and the Philippines, that it is the employers responsibility to spend for the workers application.

At Canadian Immigration Consultancy, we have thousands of highly qualified workers who are ready to be processed under this two programs.


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