Why Canada Needs Immigrants

The risk of labor shortage is being felt in Canada, making the demand for more immigrants even greater. Various efforts, including relaxing the immigration rules have been made ---- all of these, to attract more qualified immigrants to go to Canada.

But what does immigration really brings to Canada?


When it comes to skills, immigrants play a huge role in filling the employment needs of Canada. The Citizenship and Immigration Canada reports that Philippines consistently belongs to the top 3 source countries of permanent residents since 2004. Of notable increase is the number of Filipino workers that entered Canada on a work permit in 2006, increasing to as much as 34% compared to 2005. These figures indicate that Filipinos are trusted when it comes to work quality and that they remained competitive and skilled enough to hurdle Canada’s labor market requirements.


Most immigrants never come to Canada empty-handed; they bring with them the knowledge they got from years of quality education. In fact, 80% of business class immigrants (principal applicants) have a university degree, as opposed to 15% Canadian-born population. Filipinos, for instance, believe that education has always been the key to finding a better job, hence leading to a better life too.


Immigrants also contribute to the country’s capital, and actually keep the money flowing in Canada. From 1980 to 2004, each immigrant actually brought $30,000 into Canada. Immigrants created 3,000 full and part-time jobs, therefore adding a bulk to the country’s tax remittances.

The net balance of taxes paid and public goods, services and transfers received by the foreign-born individuals is positive; for example, government transfers to an average Canadian-born household totaled $7,300 in 1995 as against $6,100 to the household of recent immigrants.


Likewise, immigrants, originally reared from different cultures, are also important source of new ideas that contributes in innovation. Who knows, the next Agapito Flores who made a special contribution in inventing the fluorescent light could now be in Canada.

On the other hand, most immigrants also use their knowledge on international markets and even personal connections when creating trade links.

Canada Needs your Contribution

Philippines is the 3rd top contributor of immigrants in Canada, a sign that the country indeed appreciates the presence and contribution of Filipinos to their total economic growth.

While Canada still needs your skills, use your education and other qualifications to help them catch up with their needs in filling the labor shortage and at the same time, retaining their financial revenues that will further strengthen their reputation in the international arena.

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