The simplified immigration process - canada immigration

A lot of my readers are asking how applications for Skilled workers and professionals are processed. That is why I want to dedicate this post in explaining about the simplified immigration process - canada immigration.


Last September 1, 2006, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) introduced a new Simplified Application Process(SAP)for most federal skilled workers.

The New process will be dealt in stages:

Stage 1 Submission of Simplified Application Form and Payment of the Filing Fee

By doing so, you are already guaranteed a place in the processing queue, meaning that the regulations in effect on that date, will apply to your application. When the visa office is ready to assess your application, you will be asked to send the required supporting documentation

Stage 2 Submission of required Documentation

When the visa office is ready to assess your application, they will contact you and ask you to provide an update of your situation, and ask you to fill out a form with your history from the time you file till the time they require the documents. The visa office will also send you a list of documents to submit, such as passport, proof of medical exam, police certificates, identity documents, proof of language test results, diplomas, etc.

Stage 3 Decision of the Embassy

The officer will make a decision based on:

-the number of points that you accumulate in the selection factors

-your ability to meet the required funds amount for the size of your family

During the decision-making process, the officer may contact you if:

-further documentation is required
-a personal interview is required

What does this mean? Why is this happening?

Reading between the lines, this new process is a way to expedite your application.

Canada as a Country is experiencing Economic Boom.

The reason why the Canadian Government has a shortage for skilled and professional people. At present they lack 48% manpower they need to maintain their Economic growth, this is one of the reasons why they are implementing new Immigration Laws and Process to fill in this need.

Why you need to file right away?

To be included in the processing que of the Canadian Embassy, despite the fact that the documents will be submitted at a later date, means that your application will be evaluated at current regulation on the date that you filed. At present the passmark is just 67 points, the lowest that the Canadian Embassy has emposed to date. Meaning that if you file right away, you are actually increasing your chances of success. Subjecting your application at its best case scenario.

Moreover, the current condition and regulation (Simplified Application Process & lowered passmark from 75 to 67 points) will enable a lot of aspiring immigrants to lodge in their application to the Canadian Embassy.

If high number of application will be submitted, and the embassy feel that they have reached the current quota to fill in Canada's need for immigrants or skilled workers, they might consider increasing the passmark and/or closing some occupations or professions in the National Occupations Classification (NOC) of Canada. Take advantage of the Simplified Immigration Process - Canada Immigration.

You may take New Zealand's Immigration Process for consideration. New Zealand was the first one who implemented the simplified application process which enables more Filipinos to submit their application. What happened next was, after accumulating the required number of application from qualified applicants, they have increased their points from 100 to 140 points, which places the qualification of those who have not submitted yet their application at high risk.

What you need to do?

File your application as soon as possible.

To do this you have to take the following steps:

1. Sign A Contract with CIC or Reconcile your account with CIC, if you find out that you still have outstanding obligations with the consultancy then you have to settle it first before we can move on to the next step.

2. Complete the requirements for Stage 1 of the Simplified Application Process

Photocopies of the following:

-Passport for the Principal Applicants(PA), Spouse (if applicable), Dependents

-School records(Diploma and Transcript) for PA and Spouse(if Applicable)

-Birth Certificate for the PA, Spouse (if applicable), Dependents (if applicable)

-Indentity card(SSS,Drivers,GSIS,TIN,Postal ID, etc...) for PA and Spouse(if applicable)

-Fill up(draft) Simplified Application Form

-Available Certificates of Employment

-Confirm with me(marketing Agent) how much Filing Fee to prepare.

-Proof of First degree relative in Canada, if applicable.

Remember that those who will first complete the steps mentioned, will be the ones who will be prioritized.

The Simplified Immigration Process - Canada Immigraiton, is applicable to workers and Professional, immigrants Visa Processing for Canada and is yet, another opportunity for you to take. It is up to you, if you make a more or not.

We are encouraging everybody to take advantage of this great opportunity, Canada is yours for the taking. Take advantage of the Simplified Immigration process - Canada Immigration.


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