Jobs for Canada

If you want to learn how to find Jobs for Canada you should read my other post titled, "Jobs in Canada", on the other hand if you want to find other ways to immigrate you should read, "alternative application process".

This post, actually aims to explain the process of getting jobs for Canada.

As a member of a POEA registered recruitment agency, International Job Recruitment Agency, I usually incounter questions like, "what are your openings for Canada" or "What are your available Job Orders".

Which is actually understandable for reasons that for a person who has not experienced applying for a Canadian Employer, most people thinks that it is as easy to apply for Canadian Jobs as it is easy to apply for Jobs from Saudi Arabia.

Explaining further, when an employer needs say, 100 electricians what he will do is to request for a blanket approval from their government to hire said workers. When his request is granted, it is us to him to chose the employee he likes.

Whereas for a Canadian Employer, he can only recommend who he wants to hire and its is still up to the Canadian Government who gets the Job.

Not to mention, that in most cases, an employer from Canada needs to prove to the Canadian government that he needs to hire a worker outside Canada, because he can no longer find suitable candidates for his vacancy.

Which means that before he request to hire foreign workers, he has to exert efforts in hiring from with in Canada first. Which includes advertising, shortlisting of candidates and all those hairy stuffs.

Whether you an employer looking at hiring workers outside of Canada, or an applicant wanting to work in Canada, if you do not have the proper knowledge, you will find a hard time processing your application.

To guide you on how the process is done, please read, "Hiring Temporary Foreign Worker (Filipino)- Canada" and Applying for an AEO or an LMO.

To give you a complete picture of the process please also read the Frequently asked questions of the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency.

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